2019 Summer Camps








1stGrade Camp (ages 5-6)

  • June 10-12: Animal Superheroes AM & Animal Movement PM
  • July 1-3: Animal Tales AM & Animal Movement PM
  • July 1-3: Animal Movement AM & Animal Superheroes PM
  • August 5-7: Animal Movement AM & Animal Tales PM

Animal Superheroes         $80

Faster than a speeding rhino, more powerful than a thundering elephant . . .From super‒strength to bionic vision; invisibility to lightning speed, animals have amazing powers! Put on your mask and cape and join us to learn all about the super‒heroes of the animal world. Each day includes crafts, stories, games and animal encounters.

 AM Session: 9:00 am ‒ 12:00 pm; PM Session: 1:00 pm ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 10‒12        AM Session
  • July 1‒3             PM Session


Animal Tales           $80

We’re jumping into the pages of our favorite “tails.” Huff and puff with the big bad wolf, pucker‒up to a frog, pay a visit to our three bears and catch up with the tortoise and the hare, as you explore our Zoo “Jungle Book.”You’ll become part of some exciting animal tales and discover the real animals behind these tales..Each day includes crafts, stories, games and animal encounters.

AM Session: 9:00 am ‒ 12:00 pm; PM Session: 1:00 pm ‒ 4:00 pm

  • July 1‒3   AM Session
  • August 5‒7    PM Session


Animals on the Move        $80

Hopping, dancing, wiggling and crawling are just a few ways animals move. Jump into our camp all about animal movement! Join us to discover how animals get from one place to another. Each day includes crafts, stories, games, and animal encounters. These activity‒filled days are designed to get kids moving and learning on the go!

AM Session: 9:00 am ‒ 12:00 pm; PM Session: 1:00 pm ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 10‒12  PM Session
  • July 1‒3   AM and PM Sessions
  • August 5‒7 AM Session


2nd-3rdGrade Camp (ages 7-8)

Ecosystems of the Globe            $300

Experience the savanna of Africa, the rainforest of South America, and the arctic of Alaska all in one week! Discover and meet some of the animals that call these places home and explore their amazing adaptations as you “travel” the world with us!

9:00 am‒4:00 pm

  • June 3‒7
  • July 8‒12
  • August 12‒16


Let’s Do Lunch       $300

It is a real feast with the beasts here at the Zoo! Discover who eats what‒ and who at the Zoo –as we explore the many hunting and dining techniques of the animals. Who hasteeth just like you? Who doesn’t have teeth at all? You’ll have a ripping and tearing good time as we “gnaw” on uncovering the true “foodies” of the animal kingdom. Each day includes animal encounters, stories, games, and crafts.

9:00 am ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 17‒21
  • July 29‒August 2


4th-5thGrade Camps (ages 9-10)

Adventures in Enrichment          $300

Do lions like catnip? Are monkeys always playful? What is a special treat for an elephant? How do zookeepers get the animals up and moving to spark their curiosity? Through enrichment! Spend the week learning how the Zoo “spices up” the lives of animals through different types of enrichment.

9:00 am ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 3‒7
  • July 8‒12
  • August 12‒16


Curious Creatures and Fearsome Features   $300

What would you think if you had a three‒foot nose or tall and twisted horns? Observe animals from head to toe as you explore the Zoo and find out why some creatures have such unique features. We will take an up‒close look at feather, fur, fangs and feet to decide if the Zoo’s animals have fearsome features, or if they are just merely curious creatures! Each day includes some special encounters of the animal kind!

9:00 am ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 17‒21
  • July 29‒August 2


6th-8thGrade Camps (ages 11-13)

Dr. Zoo          $300

Go behind the scenes to get an insider’s view of what it takes to care for animals as small as a cockroach and as big as a rhinoceros. Explore how our zookeepers care for our animals as well as cultivate their healthy lifestyle. Discover what animal enrichment is and why Utah’s Hogle Zoo uses it. Learn about the Zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts and get an insider’s look at the veterinary hospital.

9:00 am ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 1014
  • July 1519


Conservation Connections         $300

Why are animals vanishing all over the globe? What can you do to make a difference? We will take you on a journey to explore endangered species recovery and how Zoo’s work to keep animals from becoming endangered in the first place! From polar bears to orangutans, elephants to lions and toads to tortoises, we are working to make a difference. Get right down to the DNA of the problem and learn what you can do to help in this fun‒filled camp!

9:00 am ‒ 4:00 pm

  • June 24‒28
  • August 5‒9