Under our administration you will find employees who work in several different fields.

Craig – Executive Director

I have been fortunate to have a 34 year career working in zoos around the country. I became director in 1997, drawn by the beauty of the mountains (having been born and raised in Colorado), the vibrancy of the community, and the potential for the zoo to modernize and progress. I developed a new master plan, and began replacing older facilities. I like to emphasize that we don’t just build animal exhibits, we build animal homes. My goal is to provide our animals with an enriched life, and our guests with an enriched experience.


Kimberly – Assistant Director/Programs

Kimberly was born and raised in central Ohio and determined, when she visited the Columbus Zoo at the very young age of 6, she was going to work at a zoo when she grew up! She completed her BS at Penn State University, and accepted her first zoo job at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 1981.  5 years later she was selected for the Animal Curator position at the Utica Zoo, in NY.  In 1992 she then came to Hogle Zoo, as the General Curator.  She was later promoted to Assistant Director-Programs.  She is a professional level member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and serves on many national committees with AZA, including the Ethics Board. She is responsible for the Animal Department, including Veterinary Care and the animal records, the Education Department, the Graphics Art Department, as well as the Conservation Program. She loves to travel and so also oversees the travel program for the Zoo!

"I still feel like a kid sometimes when I think about how lucky I am to work in our Zoo!"


Doug – Capital Projects Director

Doug has worked here since he was a baby.


Sarah – Executive Assistant

Sarah’s career at the Zoo started as a summer job in 1993. She made mountains of cotton candy, sold souvenirs and greeted guests at the gate. She worked at the Zoo every summer through high school and college, but little did she know her summer job would turn into a career. Sarah has worked in the Administration Office since 1997 and loves what she does. As Executive Assistant, she works closely with the Executive Director and Board of Directors, and oversees the daily functions of the Administration Office. Sarah’s love of order and attention to detail has greatly helped her as the Zoo continues to grow and change under the Master Plan. Not an outdoorsy person, Sarah loves fashion, art, history, design and her shoes.


Ryan – Finance Manager



Cheryl – Finance Accountant



Melissa – Finance Clerk



Barry – Info Tech Manager

Barry’s a native New Englander, graduating from Daniel Webster College (Nashua, NH) in 1984. He moved to the Salt Lake area in the late ’80’s, and worked for Packard Bell and Zenith Data Systems before becoming a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and Trainer. While working as a consultant, he began specializing in the unique data system challenges facing non-profit organizations. After volunteering and consulting at the zoo since 1996, Barry came aboard full-time as the zoo’s Info Tech Manager in early 2001.