Graphic Arts

The Zoo’s Art Department is responsible for all the producing the signs and banners around the Zoo, as well as providing the graphic design, illustrations and photography not only for the signs but the brochures, invitations and the web site. The Art Department is also responsible for the annual World of the Wild Art Show.

Jameson – Art Director

Jameson has been with the Zoo since 1990, first as a graphic designer and now as the Art Director. As a child Jameson spent hours and hours drawing mostly cars and underwater scenes. It wasn’t unitl he started working at the Zoo that animals became his favorite subject. The early years at the Zoo were often spent painting murals in the animal exhibits. More recently most of his time is spent on the computer designing, but he still enjoys the time he gets to spend illustrating many of the Zoo’s animals. Jameson loves to travel and has had the opportunity to view wildlife in Africa on four seperate trips to Rwanda, Ghana and Kenya. When not at work, he loves being at home with his family, and spending time hiking the Wasatch Mountains, often with his sketch pad in hand.

Matt – Graphics Assistant

Matt has been at the Zoo since 2004 as the Graphics Assistant. He has been involved in graphic arts for over 12 years. Matt has a love for art and has been drawing since a young child, which led him to his choice to go into graphic designing. He spends as much time as he can with is family, playing with his three young children.