Assistant Aquatic Life Support Operator

Current Part Time Job Opening Details

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Utah’s Hogle Zoo is announcing the opening of a part-time Assistant Aquatic Life Support Operator.  The Assistant position is responsible for the day to day routine operation of the Zoo’s water exhibits life support systems.  Work involves assisting with the maintenance and monitoring of filtration systems, pumps, motors, valves, gear boxes and other associated mechanical equipment.  Will also take water samples and maintain routine water chemistry and recording data. Will be on call for emergencies and may work variable shifts. This is an entry-level part time hourly position reporting to Aquatic Life Support Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  •    Assists with the maintenance and monitoring of all filtration systems
  • Makes routine operation adjustments such as cleaning baskets, strainers and drains
  • Takes samples and maintains routine water chemistry within appropriate parameters using sanitizers and other chemicals.
  • Performs minor repairs on equipment
  • Drains and cleans pools and other aquatic installations within established protocol
  • Assists in pump and motor repair or replacement
  • Maintains accurate records and data collection during work shift.
  • Maintains and monitors clean work areas
  • Ensure safety procedure and policies are followed.
  • Organizes and keeps inventories of tools and chemicals as well as supplies

Qualifications, skills and abilities

  • Experience in one of the electrical, mechanical or construction trades, wastewater treatment, mechanical maintenance or an Associate’s degree in Biology or other natural sciences.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalency diploma
  • Ability to use application software, such as Word, Excel, MS Office, and work order management  system.
  • Certified diver a plus
  • Ability to collect data and maintain accurate records.
  • Must have or be able to obtain a good working knowledge of the Zoo’s water exhibit support systems function.
  • Must have an aptitude for maintaining appropriate water chemistry within established parameters.
  • Working knowledge of proper inventory techniques
  • The ability to work on ones feet for extensive periods of time, in adverse conditions (e.g. cramped spaces and wet environment).
  • Must be able to lift safely up to 50+ pounds
  • Must be able to pass swimming and water safety test.
  • Must be able to maintain clean work areas.
  • Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Other duties as assigned

Anyone interested should send a cover letter and resume to Anna Frederickson, Utah’s Hogle Zoo, 2600 Sunnyside Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84108.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is Equal Opportunity Employer


Contact Human Resources:

Anna Frederickson, Phone: 801-584-4510; Fax: 801-584-1797