Super Bowl Pick

What Do You Do Without a Reigning Champ?

Bring in the King!

The King of Beasts, that is!

With the passing of Eli, our big male orangutan who picked the correct winner of the Super Bowl seven out of seven times, keepers felt the only replacement this year would be the King!

Join us for Vulcan’s Vote! Thursday, Jan. 29, 10:30a.

Our young male lions are fierce, intense and they’re ready to rumble!

Vulcan will enter his enclosure and be faced with paper mache helmets of the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Whichever ‘helmet’ he touches first will be the winner of the big game!

After Vulcan votes, his brother Baron will join him to romp, pounce and play. This is a great chance to get footage of our lions active and playful, and a great local tie-in to other Super Bowl coverage.

Crews should park in the front lot and check in at Guest Services. Please arrive by 10:15a so photographers have plenty of time to set up – the big cats act fast!

CONTACT: Erica Hansen – 801-541-6112