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Baby Giraffe Born

The young female hit the ground – literally – Monday, September 17 at 3:33am. Giraffes face up to a 5-foot fall when they’re born! The little pile of limbs was immediately cleaned up by mama, 16 year-old Pogo, and was standing up nursing within the hour.

When she was born, Georgetta weighed 150 pounds but as of today, Thursday, she is 5′ 9″ tall and weighs 163 pounds.

“This is really exciting,” said Melissa Farr, lead keeper in African Savanna. “Giraffes are pregnant for a really long time so it’s something you anticipate and wait for and it’s finally here. We’re so relieved it was an easy pregnancy for Pogo and to have a healthy little girl.”

Baby Georgetta, named by a generous donor to Hogle Zoo, stood within 20 minutes of being born. Pogo began cleaning her immediately. “She’s is doing great,” Farr said. “Pogo is doing everything she’s supposed to do, she has great milk production. This is her third calf and she’s doing a great job.”

Fellow female Kipenzi has shown quite a nurturing side. “The day Georgetta was born Kip showed immediate interest; leaning over, licking and cleaning her,” Farr said. “We call her ‘Auntie Kip’ because she’s been so nurturing.”

Though male giraffes do not participate in rearing their offspring, father, 15 year-old Riley, also showed interest when he saw her in the winter yard. “He came right over to the chute and wanted to know what was happening.”

Giraffes have been an important part of Hogle Zoo since 1969, and the Zoo is proud of the 18 successful giraffe births over that time period.

Mom and baby are doing great. They’ve been spending the last few days bonding. They will be taking advantage of this nice weather and will be greeting guests, as baby and mostly mom allow, during the first half of the day.

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Baby Zebra Born

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is pleased to introduce our new baby zebra! Born June 2, the striped gal has been bonding with mom, Ziva.

Yet to be named, she weighs roughly 74 pounds and is the second Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra ever born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo (there were Grevy’s Zebra born at the Zoo in the ’80s).
The first Hartmann’s for Hogle Zoo was last year when baby Poppy burst on the scene, born to mom Zoey. Ziggy, father to both babies is doing well and remains mostly unconcerned with what’s happening.

Baby is doing great, nursing regularly, working on her kicks and mama is proving to be a wonderful first-time mom.

Pallas’ Cat Kittens Born

Meet not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE Pallas cat kittens – the original grumpy cats!

Mama Hal (pronounced, Ha-RU) gave birth March 28 to four boys and one girl and she’s been an excellent mom.

These “cute, angry balls of fluff,” as their keepers call them, keep mom on her toes.

Meet: Diablo, Mushu, Pabu, Tater and their sister, Ting.

They are super playful – until they tip over and nap – and can be seen in Asian Highlands.

The dad is not involved in rearing the babies in this species so, Petenka is still in his regular home across the pathway from the tiger.

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Baby Amur Leopard Cubs!

Hogle Zoo is thrilled to contribute to the population of this critically endangered species. Experts estimate only 60 leopards remain in the wild.

Rafferty (one who possess prosperity) and Roman (Strong, powerful) were born February 17. They’ve been bonding with mom and learning the basics of climbing and jumping.

Mom, Zeya, is doing a great job – she’s nurturing and fiercely protective. Both little guys have white toes on their front feet. The Zoo’s adult male Amur leopard, Dimitri, is their father, but will play no role in their rearing, as would be the case in the wild.

Rafferty and Roman clocked in at 12 and 13 pounds in early May and now can be viewed out in their Asian Highlands exhibit with mom!

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Baby Zebra Born!

We are pleased to introduce our new baby zebra!  Born April 11, this striped gal as been bonding with mom, Zoey.  Yet to be named, she weighed 87 pounds at birth and is the first Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra ever born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.  Keepers report the baby is doing great and has one speed: running! Mom and baby will be out in the “Flex Yard,” adjoining the Savanna exhibit for a limited time each day until the baby becomes adjusted to the other animals on the Savanna Exhibit.

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Lion Cubs at the Zoo

For the first time in 27 years and only the third time in the Zoo’s 85 year history!

The 2014 opening of African Savanna saw the arrival of four lions to Hogle Zoo – brothers, Baron and Vulcan; and sisters, Nobu and Sela.

Once the girls were big enough, they were carefully introduced to the males and they got along great!

Fast forward a few months and we’re happy to announce three cubs born to Nobu and Baron on February 24.

“There is always some anxiety because you’ll never know what kind of mom they’ll be,” said Valerie Schubert, primary lion keeper. “But Nobu is a wonderful first-time mother; she is extremely affectionate and protective of her cubs.”

After the typical 110-day gestation, Nobu went into labor without much warning, and delivered all three cubs within six hours, “which is pretty quick,” said Schubert.

LionCubs2Each little cub weighed roughly two pounds at birth. “She was a great mom as soon as they arrived,” Schubert said. “She immediately started cleaning them and they started nursing right away.”

“After a 10 year absence, it’s great to have African lions back in the Zoo and doing so well in their new home at ‘African Savanna,'” said Zoo Executive Director, Craig Dinsmore. “Now to have our first cubs born here in over twenty years is just wonderful and with lions in Africa facing greater and greater peril, this birth is important.”

For now, the cubs are sticking close to mom and they’ll be bonding for the next several weeks.

The keepers are also working on the nuances of introducing ‘auntie’ Sela to the cubs. Once they’re all together, they’ll need to introduce them to the boys – Baron, their father, and ‘uncle’ Vulcan.

This process takes several weeks of careful observation and attention by keepers and animal care staff. Eventually, guests will be able to visit the full pride later this spring.

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Baby Titi Monkey Born

January 10, 2016 we were pleased to see that our female Bolivian Gray Titi Monkey gave birth to a healthy infant early that morning.  The mother, Trinidad (14 years) and father, Jack Sparrow (7 years), are the proud parents of this little baby.  This is their third baby that they have had together.  Titi monkeys are very family oriented.  Not only are the parents being excellent caregivers, but the baby’s older brother, Toro (2 years) is helping as well.  The keepers have been really pleased with how the baby is doing.  The baby boy is thriving; growing extremely fast and is already very curious about his environment.  When the baby is three months old he will start to explore the exhibit on his, and should be independent by four months.


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New Baby Giraffe Born

Look What The Stork Dropped In!

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is pleased to introduce a 6-foot bundle of leggy joy: Our new baby giraffe, Willow!

GiraffeMeet Willow, our newest family member.

The young female hit the ground – literally – Wednesday, Jan. 13, 12:23pm. Giraffes face up to a 4-foot fall when they’re born! The little pile of limbs was immediately cleaned up by mama, 13 year-old Pogo, and was standing up nursing within the hour.

Willow, the keepers estimate, is six feet tall and weighs roughly 125 pounds.

Willow“We are very excited to have a baby giraffe; she is absolutely precious,” said Holly Peterson, giraffe keeper. “Her mom is doing such a great job with her – she’s protective and attentive. And Riley is also curious about the little one; he’ll stick his head over from the neighboring stall to sniff her.”

Father, 12 year old Riley, returned to Hogle Zoo after a brief stay at Oregon Zoo while construction of the new African Savanna was completed.

Giraffes have been an important part of Hogle Zoo since 1969, and the Zoo is proud of the 17 successful giraffe births over that time period.

“I believe we have the 2nd oldest giraffe, ‘auntie’ Daphne, and the youngest giraffe, Willow, in the country,” Peterson said. “AnWillowPogod our other females, the aunties, are doing great with Willow. They seek her out to sniff and lick her – it’s awesome.”

Mom and baby are doing great. They’ve been spending the last week bonding. They will not be able to greet the public, however, until the weather warms up a bit.

Mom, Pogo, and baby Willow

Baby Burrowing Owlets

Lucy and Digger, our burrowing owl pair, recently hatched their first brood of chicks. They are the proud parents of three owlets hatched on June 20, 2015 in the exhibit in the Small Animals Building.

Digger was a wonderful provider for Lucy when she was incubating the eggs. (Only the females incubate the eggs until they hatch – about four weeks.) He made sure to bring her plenty of mice and king worms. The two are great parents, taking exceptional care of their chicks who are quickly growing up!

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Markhor Goats

Four male Turkmenian Markhor goats arrived at Hogle Zoo on May 12, 2015 from the Bronx Zoo.  After a short stay in the Zoo’s hospital, the year-old goats were moved to their new home along the Zoo’s south pathway just past Asian Highlands.  In the wild, these nimble goats are prey species of Amur leopard, snow leopard and Amur tigers.

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