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Each year Utah’s Hogle Zoo has thousands and thousands of visitors. Many of our guests have wonderful experiences that they’d like to share. This page offers the opportunity for our Zoo visitors to share their heart warming, memorable, exciting and just fun adventures about Hogle Zoo. If you would like to tell us about your Zoo visit or about what you like about Hogle Zoo fill out the form below. Submissions will be posted after review and nothing deemed offensive or derogatory will be accepted.


Elephants are my favorite part of visiting the zoo. As a very little girl (and I am almost 67) going to the zoo with my mother, I first fell in love with Princess Alice. She was magnificent and I immediately loved her. My family lived close enough to the zoo that, as grade schoolers, we often walked to Hogle Zoo with our neighborhood friends. What an adventure wandering through Bonneville Golf Course and approaching our ZOO! We felt like explorers! I can’t wait for Feast with the Beast next week. What a great day to celebrate Thanksgiving morning and my birthday two days later. I am very thankful for Hogle Zoo and the opportunity to meet and fall in love again with all our beautiful and amazing animals. Thank you Hogle Zoo.

Submitted by: Ann Williams

We took our 2 year old granddaughter to your zoo just yesterday. It has been 15 years since we have been there. I was amazed!! It was so wonderful!! You have gone to great depth in changing the animals habitats. They are beautiful. My favorite was the Bird Show. Soooooo beyond what it was before!! Thank you!!

-submitted by Geri Christensen

We love the zoo. This is my son Henry. His favorite friends were the river otters.

-submitted by Jonathan Coy

Late winter is the best time to go to the zoo. My 3 year old grandson come from California and we went to the Zoo. The Tigers, Bears and Gorillas all were very active. The Gorilla ran right up to the glass and put his face right up to my grandson’s face. It startled him but we had a good laugh. The Seals were being trained and the Lions were strutting all around. The Elephants were very active and moving around. We never miss a single month that we don’t go to the Zoo. But winter and early spring are the best.

-submitted by Dixie Martinson

We took our visiting family from California to the zoo. Everyone had a great time, and we were lucky enough to see the tiger relaxing in his pool! Thank you to everyone at the zoo for the great visit!

-submitted by Chris Clark

We visited the zoo while on our first trip to Utah. I captured many photos of the fantastic wildlife. This was my favorite.

Thank You

-submitted by David Millenheft

Hello, My name is Cristina Nieto and I’m from Brazil. Last Semptember I visited your Zoo and I really enjoyed very much. I took so many wonderful pictures of your animals and I decided to share with you guys. I hope you really enjoy it, please see them in the Utah album: Here

God bless you, Cris

-submitted by Cristina Nieto

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the Bird Show. My grandson enjoyed seeing the birds and the people were great. Here is a photo of a bird in the show….Lee

-submitted by Lee Romrell

An unbeatable experience with the polar bear! This moment was the cherry on top of a perfect day at the zoo (15 June 2014, Father’s Day)! Hope you can receive this video; it makes me think of a tv commercial.

We loved the new Lion exhibit. The lions were so active yesterday when we where there. Most of the time when we get to the zoo, the cats are all sleeping, but the Lion walked back and forth through the exhibit and right up against the glass. It was so neat to be so close to such an amazing creature. It is also great to see how big their exhibits are, so they have plenty of room to roam and how much it looks just like their home.

-submitted by Stephanie Kinney