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Each year Utah’s Hogle Zoo has thousands and thousands of visitors.  Many of our guests have wonderful experiences that they’d like to share.  This page offers the opportunity for our Zoo visitors to share their heart warming, memorable, exciting and just fun adventures about Hogle Zoo. If you would like to tell us about your Zoo visit or about what you like about Hogle Zoo fill out the form below.  Submissions will be posted after review and nothing deemed offensive or derogatory will be accepted.

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We took our 2 year old granddaughter to your zoo just yesterday. It has been 15 years since we have been there. I was amazed!! It was so wonderful!! You have gone to great depth in changing the animals habitats. They are beautiful. My favorite was the Bird Show. Soooooo beyond what it was before!! Thank you!!

-submitted by Geri Christensen





We love the zoo. This is my son Henry. His favorite friends were the river otters.

-submitted by Jonathan Coy









Late winter is the best time to go to the zoo. My 3 year old grandson come from California and we went to the Zoo. The Tigers, Bears and Gorillas all were very active. The Gorilla ran right up to the glass and put his face right u[ to my grandsons face. It startled him but we had a good laugh. The Seals were being trained and the Lions were strutting all around. The Elephants were very active and moving around. We never miss a single month that we don’t go to the Zoo. But winter and early spring are the best.

-submitted by Dixie Martinson


We took our visiting family from California to the zoo. Everyone had a great time, and we were lucky enough to see the tiger relaxing in his pool! Thank you to everyone at the zoo for the great visit!

-submitted by Chris Clark






We visited the zoo while on our first trip to Utah. I captured many photos of the fantastic wildlife. This was my favorite.

Thank You

-submitted by David Millenheft







Hello, My name is Cristina Nieto and I’m from Brazil. Last Semptember I visited your Zoo and I really enjoyed very much. I took so many wonderful pictures of your animals and I decided to share with you guys. I hope you really enjoy it, please see them in the Utah album: Here

God bless you, Cris

-submitted by Cristina Nieto


I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the Bird Show. My grandson enjoyed seeing the birds and the people were great. Here is a photo of a bird in the show….Lee

-submitted by Lee Romrell




An unbeatable experience with the polar bear! This moment was the cherry on top of a perfect day at the zoo (15 June 2014, Father\’s Day)! Hope you can receive this video; it makes me think of a tv commercial.


-Click on photo to view video


We loved the new Lion exhibit. The lions were so active yesterday when we where there. Most of the time when we get to the zoo, the cats are all sleeping, but the Lion walked back and forth through the exhibit and right up against the glass. It was so neat to be so close to such an amazing creature. It is also great to see how big their exhibits are, so they have plenty of room to roam and how much it looks just like their home.

-submitted by Stephanie Kinney


Today 4-26-14, I purposed to my girlfriend on top of the lighthouse!!!! Best day ever!!

-submitted by Daniel Wood


Congratulations from all of us here at Utah’s Hogle Zoo!




As a proud zoo parent of Asian Cats I got the opportunity to pick up adoption package and visit my four legged children one snowy day to have my leopard talk to me and come up to be petted through window that was so exciting. I also final saw a palace cat. The tiger woke up and walked about with a yawn. Pretty great day. Not to many people adopt a bunch of cats.

-submitted by Denise Collar

My son (age 6) and I came to the zoo on 2/17/2013 a very cold day but still well worth the time. I take this time to share a small story as I don’t think enough people share positive customer service experiences as much as they are quick to share the negative ones. My son adores the reptile building, specifically the bats. We walked into the building and he had spotted a worker and quickly ran up to her asking where the bats where located. The worker “Emily” pointed in the directions of the small and large bats but she quickly offered to walk over with him to show him the large bats. She then stood there and provided a mini bat 101 lesson and my son was overjoyed by all the information. Its these experiences and encounters that when the time comes to renew annual membership or explore other options that will keep me coming back to the zoo. Thank you Emily and Thank you Hogle Zoo.


My first trip to the zoo was in Philadelphia when I was 3. That trip was the first time I saw a giraffe and it was love at first sight. That love has grown into an obsession. When I found out about the animal encounters I talked about it nearly every day. My lifelong dream has been to actually touch a giraffe. The schedule worked out for me to come in not just for my birthday, but on my birthday. It was every bit as magical as I imagined when I was 3, even though I had to wait 32 years. Thank you for making this overgrown little girl’s dream come true!

-submitted by Heidi Clark

I have been a Utah resident for 40 years, and am just so pleased, proud, and amazed at the Zoo’s growth and progress over the years.


I would like to give a huge commendation to the Bird Show!! It is outstanding, engaging, original, fascinating, educational, beautiful, and funny. My family and I so enjoyed the experience. The staff are outstanding, I saw them at the top when the zoo opened with a beautiful bird for us to enjoy, and then they even took the time to let us take pictures with them. We really appreciate all the work that went into that show!! Thank you.

We also would like to give a outstanding commendation to Rocky Shores!! The polar bear habitat was so exciting and fun!!! We will be back there again and again.
We absolutely enjoyed the whole zoo, from the small things like the whole dead bug exhibit, bats, snakes, to the big elephants and giraffes. Thanks again for all the efforts, improvements, shows, shady spaces to relax and enjoy our time there. We were proud to donate to your cause, it was such a enjoyable experience.

-submitted by Colleen Freeze


We were at the Hogle Zoo on Sunday July 22nd. We have been avid annual members since my children were newborns. We have always enjoyed our visit. However, yesterday was an incredible day and the new Rocky Shores is a FANTASTIC new addition.

Attached are 2 photos of my 3 year old and your Polar Bear. The Polar Bear was being a total show off and came up right in front of my son. It was by far the highlight of our trip and he cannot stop talking about it. Can’t wait to come back.
By the way, your staff is always great!
-submitted by Chet Samuelson

We were at the zoo all day yesterday. We had such a blast. Thank you for having so many Zoo Explorers out and about. We were able to ask questions and get them answered, even the teenagers with us got interested. We really loved the opportunity to learn so much.
-submitted by Danielle Pace


This was Zoe’s first time seeing a polar bear swimming. Thanks for making her dreams come true. Priceless.


-submitted by Jayne Benedict





Our visit to Rocky Shores was amazing.  I can’t express how much we enjoyed our visit.

-submitted by Heidi Hawk





I just wanted to tell you that I have been going to your zoo for the last 9 years. I love it! My children learn something new each time we go and it is a delight. I am an author and the last time we went there I took several pictures. One of which I was in front of the orangutang, I sat down and opened my book hoping he would come look. Sure enough! I opened my book and he looked right over my shoulder! The picture looks like I’m reading to him and that he is listening.
Thank you for all you do!

-submitted by Melynda and family

I remember going to the zoo with my great grandfather when I was a small child. He was a great man. We looked at all your animals and enjoyed our visits. However, his favorite animal, the one we spent the most time with was your elephants. We would always bring peanuts and feed them the entire bag. They loved it, and I loved the look on Grandpas’ face every time we went and the first elephant would come up to us, expecting to be given a special treat from this special man. He was extraordinary and a really kind man. Thank you, Hogle Zoo, for being able to bring that sunshine to his life. I like think it made him incredibly happy to see those elephants each and every time he took my siblings and I to your zoo.

-submitted by Sandie

I want to tell you the two funniest things I have ever experienced, when  was in the reptiles and small animal building, the kinkajou kept on doing backflips of the side of its cage! and one other time, the cockatoo did a little dance for me and my mom. anyway, I hope you enjoy my story!

-from your animal admirer, Hailey Randall

I want to tell you about our day. We were there to celebrate the birthday of my great nephew who turned one earlier this week. A year ago today he was life flighted at age 3days old and is now on a heart transplant list. This birthday celebration was to celebrate his being born, surviving a year, and a memory maker for his mom in case he doesn’t survive another year.

The day was warm, the breeze perfect, lots of wonderful shade, mister fans (love these!!) and the zoo was clean and wonderful. I had my special needs son there and was so happy that there was changing rooms available for diapering and wide paths with ramps for strollers/wheelchairs. There wasn’t any area we went to that we couldn’t take him to.

Thank you so much- all that shade was great for him and for my nephew- the heat would be detrimental to both of their health without the shade and misters. Anyway- it was a beautiful day with wonderful memories and lots of sweet touching moments and photos- and at a decent price as well.

Just thought I would share. Thanks again.

-submitted by Sherri Bunn

Thank you, Hogle Zoo, for letting everyone celebrate Zuri’s first birthday with her!  Watching her toss the Tootsie Roll and Smarties over her head made me laugh! 

I have loved visiting Hogle Zoo since I was a kid.  The elephants have always been my favorite – it’s so fun to have a baby elephant AND the oldest elephant in North America at our zoo! :)

-submitted by Kay Lynn Mangum

I love every thing about Hogle Zoo!!!! I love all animals!!!!

-submitted by Melba Porter

I was so ecstatic when I found out that your elephant here at the Hogle Zoo was born!! Elephants have been my favorite animals ever since I was a little girl. I just LOVED seeing the new baby.  I never wanted to leave the zoo especially after seeing the new baby elephant. I really hope to visit the zoo again really soon so I can see all the amazing animals once again.

-submitted by Brianna

Hello there! I just want to send a little note sending our condolences for little Jamar. We are heart broken. He was our favorite animal at the Zoo and my little girl decided her favorite animals are giraffes after we met him. Here is a photo of our first meeting. My daughter was so excited to be up so close and personal with him. He will be missed. RIP little Jamar!

-submitted by Crystal Lindeman



I love the zoo.  We go as a family often, but I was really excited to come across your wonderful web site.  I teach 4th grade and we study Utah animals.  I love the link to Native Utah Animals.  It helped my student to see and understand their assigned animal to study.  Thank you.

-submitted by LeAnn Andrew, 4th grade teacher, Brookside Elementary, Springville, UT

When Acara the orangutan was younger I went to the zoo with my boyfriend to see her. I would put my hand on the glass and she would put her hand on mine with the glass in between. It was like she was giving me a high five. When my boyfriend tried to do the same thing Acara did a head stand and put her bottom on the glass instead! It was so funny! I love the babies at the zoo and I’m so glad we keep getting new animals.

I’m new to Salt Lake and I’m here to study biology with an emphasis in zoology at the University of Utah. I was told about the zoo by some students on campus and decided to come check it out. I was very impressed by all the exhibits and had a great time at your zoo.  I was very happy to see a good amount of baby announcements, especially the newborn elephant. Thanks for the awesome experience, I know I’ll be back again once it warms up or even sooner.

We love animals, and we love going to the zoo! We especially love it when we get to see the baby animals. We loved it when we saw the baby Golden Lion Tamarins. They were so tiny and sweet riding on their daddy’s back. We loved seeing the baby Meerkats sliding down the rock like little kittens. We loved watching the mommy snow leopard giving her baby a bath. Our last trip to the zoo we got to see a baby giraffe. So slender and so tall. The baby giraffe was taller than us! We love going to the zoo.

-submitted by Ezra (7) and Noah (5)

Here is a link to our dad’s blog where you can see a slideshow with more animals from our trip.


I visited Hogle Zoo and got a chance to shoot some pictures of the Siberian Tiger. I would like to share the pictures which I got and would like to get your comments. The pictures can be viewed here.

-submitted by Ratish Naroor

Check out more of Ratish Naroor’s photos Hogle Zoo animals here.



I’m “sharing our story” of my kids visit to the Zoo. I love this photo of my son “talking” to Vladamir the Amur Leopard. They are both so interested in each other. The Leopards and Tigers are both my sons’ favorites.


-submitted by Marie Fuertes


I couldn’t wait to let you know how our visit to the Zoo Lights went. It was the first time that I have ever attended such a beautiful sight. The lights just glowed against the white snow….making every thing around them sparkle. It was without a doubt one of the most inspiring things I have ever been able to see. Whomever thought of this was a genius. I watched children of all ages enjoy the lights and the carousel. Keep up the great work.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

-submitted by Gerry Ann Marty

I am Gabi Dodson, an eleven year old girl who’s dad operated on the female gorilla at the Hogle Zoo. I got to see the whole Zoo! I was so excited. I loved seeing the gigantic elephants, and wild monkey’s. It was amazing, and I hope I can volunteer at the Zoo soon!

-submitted by Gabi Dodson



Art work submitted by Luke Perkins.










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