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Your Hogle Zoo is in the midst of an exciting time of growth and renewal.  We have set a course for a public-private cooperative effort to ensure that our Master Plan is fulfilled.

Work recently began on African Savanna, a five-acre habitat that will bring lions and zebras back to the Zoo in Spring 2014.  Giraffes, ostriches and smaller African hoof stock will interact together in one place as well.

Naming opportunities are available in the Africa Savanna Exhibit area and its program endowments to donors to the capital campaign at many donations levels.  Contact the Director of Development at 801-584-1708 to discuss these options in more detail.

Legacy Fish and Bear Paws at $250 each are still available for the Rocky Shores exhibit.  Contact the Membership Assistant to discuss either option at 801-584-1741.



If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one, you can make it by
clicking here.


With hundreds of animals in our care, you can image the weekly food bill at the Zoo.  While the Zoo, Arts and Parks tax (ZAP) helps with some of our operating costs, by no means does it cover all of them.  Donations in any amount are always welcome.  Click here to help.


Zoo A.D.O.P.T.

Each of the animals here at Utah’s Hogle Zoo are unique in their own way and each gets individual care from our keepers. Some are picky about which fruit they will eat and some just love throwing paper around. By symbolically adopting one of these animals you will aid in the care and well-being of the animal and all the animals at Hogle Zoo. Click Here for details and pricing.


Numerous American companies offer current employees and in some cases retired employees the opportunity to match charitable gifts to their favorite nonprofit organizations.  To see if your employer matches charitable contributions to zoos, click here.


If you are interested in assuring that future generations of Utahns will remain involved with wild animals , please consider making a bequest or testamentary gift to the perpetual endowment of Utah’s Hogle Zoo.  Click here for more details.



If you would like to participate in the 2013 Zoo Rendezvous–the Wildest Party in Town, as a donor, sponsor, volunteer or participant, Click here to visit the Zoo Rendezvous website. The 2013 Zoo Rendezvous on September 5, 2013 will feature gourmet cuisine from Utah’s most distinguished restaurants, live music, a fantastic silent auction, and lots of animal experiences.


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