Go Wild Learning with Utah’s Hogle Zoo’s Preschool Outreach Programs

Your early childhood classroom will come alive when the Zoo arrives! Friendly animals, fun stories and much more combine with expert presenters to make your program fun and educational. During these interactive lessons, a Zoo Educator will visit your preschool classroom for a 45-60 minute lesson. All classes will include a story, biofacts investigation time, a craft, and a chance to meet one of the Zoo’s animal friends in an up close and personal encounter.

Choose from these great options

Super Senses:

Discover the many ways animals use their senses. Students will smell, feel, and see their way through this class as they use their 5 senses and discover how they are important to both people and animals.

Colorful Creatures:

Does a duck have hair? Does a snake wear pajamas? What would life be like if your skin were covered with thick scales or fluffy feathers? Why might an animal be blue or green or even spotted? Uncover the crazy world of animal coverings, coats and skins in this active and educational program.

Wild Wonders:

Birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates all have something exciting to teach your class. Learn about some of the wild adaptations animals have to help them survive.

Animal Tales:

Choose your own animal for the theme of this lesson. Children will hear a story, meet the animal selected, and make a craft to take home. Choose from the following animals: opossum, chinchilla, ferret, lizard, bird, rabbit, salamander, snake, or tortoise.

B is for Birds:

Fly on over and learn about some of your feathered friends. Meet one of our birds. Your students will understand how a bird’s feathers, eggs, beaks, feet and legs help them to survive.

I is for Insects

Many call them creepy but we call them cool! Insects are very important. This program will help your students appreciate our six-legged friends.

Not what you are looking for? We can easily develop a class to fit your age range or content needs.


  • First program: $50.00
  • Each additional program on the same day at the same school (up to 2 additional programs): $35.00

For more information or to register call Tauni Sutherland at 801-584-1763 or email HERE.

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