Where to Find Eco-Explorers

During our summer season, look for our Eco-Explorers around the Zoo in their signature vests and fun, outgoing personalities. You’ll spot Eco-Explorers narrating programs, interpreting exhibits, and giving fun, interactive animal presentations. They’re happy to stop and talk if you have questions or concerns and love to interact with guests. Eco-Explorers are regularly scheduled at the following locations:


Discovery Theater

The Wyatt Fricks Discovery Theater is where members of our Eco-Explorer Team bring out some of the Zoo’s smaller inhabitants in an interactive program designed to highlight the Zoo’s Big 6 conservation animals and how you can make a difference in helping wildlife and their natural habitats.  Creekside


African Savanna – Giraffe Feeds

Join an Eco-Explorer on Safari across the African Savanna! Observe this mixed species exhibit from many viewing locations. Learn about the interactions in the intricate savanna ecosystem, including those between carnivores and grazing animals. You can even feed one of our giraffes from Twiga Terrace – tickets available on Twiga Terrace.    African Savanna


Rocky Shores Pinniped Program

Be sure to check out our Rocky Shores exhibit and see our keepers train our seals and sea lions.  Our Eco-Explorers will be on hand to interpret how and why the keepers train with these marine mammals on a daily basis.   You will also learn what we can do to help preserve these animal’s natural habitats and our most valuable resource – water. Rocky Shores


Elephant Encounter

Join the Eco-Explorers as they celebrate the culture and creatures of the African continent.  Every time you visit the Eco-Explorers and animals at Elephant Encounter it is as though you are on an African safari.  Discover fun and fascinating facts about African elephants and white rhinos.  Visit with an Eco-Explorer at Elephant Encounter and enjoy daily training programs! Elephant Encounter


Asian Highlands: Grandma’s House

When you come to the Zoo be sure to stop by Grandma’s House located in the Asian Highlands. Do big cats purr? How high can a leopard jump? What is a tiger’s favorite food? Discover the answer to these questions and many more with the Eco-Explorers. Grandma’s House is a great place to stay and play. Eco-Explorers will help you learn about the cultures of Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and rural China. Join the Eco-Explorers everyday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM to learn about the diverse animals and cultures of the Asian Highlands.



Looking for a fun opportunity for a group of friends, family or civic group?  Come spend the night at the Zoo and experience the Zoo in a whole new light… err darkness? Our Eco Explorers will take guests on a night safari around the Zoo to see and hear the animals when the crowds have gone home.  You might even be lucky and hear our big cats roaring!  For more information about what your fun night includes and to schedule a ZooSnooz, click here.