Blackout Days and Dates Already Full

We will not be able to schedule school field trips to the Zoo on the following days:

2014 Black-Out Days/Filled Dates

F= A date that is full

B= A blackout date

September: 4th B, 25th F, 26th F, 30th F.

October   2nd F, 3rd F, 10th F, 14th F 15th F,16th B and 17th B, 23rd F

November 11th B, 26th F, 27th – 29th B : Thanksgiving Break

December 22nd-31st B

2015 Black-Out Days/Filled Dates

January 20th: Martin Luther King Day B
February 17th: President’s Day B
April 2nd B, 3rd B, 24th F,
May 8th F,13th B, 14th B, 15th F, 19th F, 21st F 25th B, May 28th F
December 22rd – January 2nd: Winter Break B
2015 Dates with under 25 available spots left.  
May 21st, 27th


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