Blackout Days and Dates Already Full

We will not be able to schedule school field trips to the Zoo on the following days:

2014 Black-Out Days/Filled Dates

F= A date that is full

B= A blackout date

September: 4th B, 25th F, 26th F, 30th F.

October   2nd F, 3rd F, 10th F, 14th F 15th F,16th B and 17th B, 22nd F 23rd F

November 11th B, 26th F, 27th – 29th B : Thanksgiving Break

December 22nd-31st B

2015 Black-Out Days/Filled Dates

January 20th: Martin Luther King Day B
February 17th: President’s Day B
March- All dates open
April 2nd B, 3rd B, 24th F, 30th
May 1st F, 5th F, 6th, 7th, 8th F,13th B, 14th B, 15th F, 18th, 19th F, 20th F, 21st F, 25th B 26th F, 27th F, 28th F, 29th F.
June 2nd F,
December 22rd – January 2nd: Winter Break B
2015 Dates with under 25 available spots left.  
May 21st, 27th


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