Enhance wildlife and conservation studies in your classroom with a visit from Utah’s Hogle Zoo! To schedule a program, please call 801-584-1763 or email HERE

Classroom programs

Our elementary school programs are based on Utah State core curriculum and are offered for grades K-5. Presentations are approximately one-hour long and are geared to individual classrooms to allow students to see and touch our amazing animals. The possible topics for K-5 are habitats, predator/prey, adaptations, bugs, animals in winter, and classification.

Presentations on conservation, habitats, taxonomy and animal adaptions can also be arranged for secondary school science classes.

These presentations are done by our outreach coordinator and volunteers and are scheduled by availability. Be first in line for a presentation by calling at the beginning of the school year to schedule your classroom program. Classroom outreach pricing is $50 for the first classroom, and $35 for each classroom for up to two more classrooms. Prices are per Zoo staff member. Out staff and animals are limited to three programs per day.


Pre and Post Outreach Curriculum

We also provide Pre and Post Curricula to enhance your student’s learning. Each curriculum addresses both Utah State and National Science Standards.  Click here to download the appropriate curriculum for your program.

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