Incorporate technology into your teaching with the Utah’s Hogle Zoo’s Education Department’s audio and video podcasting program!

Each unit is designed to meet state and national science standards and includes conservation information, interviews, video footage and curriculum materials to help you incorporate the podcast into classroom learning.

We currently have three podcast episodes up! Click here to listen to interviews with conservation biologists from throughout the world. Below are some links to get you started on including UHZ podcasts in your classroom.

  • Cheetah Conservation Fund is a great resource to learn more about cheetahs and their role in the ecosystem. Look under Programs and Results to learn more about Mary Wykstra’s work in Kenya and check out CCF’s education programs.
  • Polar Bears International has a variety of educational activities relating to bears, climate change and Arctic ecosystems. In 2008, Utah’s Hogle Zoo sent Zoo volunteer and local high school student Abrianna Peto to Churchill, Canada to learn about polar bears firsthand at PBI’s Leadership Camp. Click here to read Abrianna’s Arctic blog.




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