World of the Wild

One of the best wildlife art venues in the state!

Annual Art Show

We held our 24th annual art exhibition January 28 – March 12, 2017 in the RendeZoo Room with 112 pieces by Utah artists on display. 

For Artists:  Information for the 25th annual World of the Wild will be coming soon.  We are going to an online submittal and registration for our next show.  Stay tuned for more details. Add yourself to the mailing list below if you are not already getting our emails.

posterThis show was started to provide Utah artists an opportunity to display their works of wildlife and “wildnature” in a setting complementary to their work. This show has grown to be one of the best venues in Utah for viewing wildlife art.

The artwork for the 2017 poster was provided by Cindi Smith and is available for purchase $15 (signed), $10 (unsigned),  online, where you can also purchase posters from previous shows.  The proceeds from all art show poster sales will go to support Hartmann’s zebra conservation.

The juror for the 2017 show is Utah Artist, Douglas Fryer.  Fryer studied at Brigham Young University, receiving a BFA in Illustration and an MFA in Painting and Drawing. He has taught fine art and illustration at BYU, the University of Hartford in Connecticut, and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He lives and paints in the countryside of Spring City, Utah.

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View the 2017 Art Show Pieces >>

View pieces from previous shows: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

An Opening Reception was held on January 26, 2017 where awards were presented to the following pieces:

Cash Awards

Best of Show ($300)

— Sally-Gleaning (acrylic) by Carel Brest van Kempen

Juror’s Choice Award ($200 Each)

Horned Lizard (fiber) by Carole Alden

— Pelicans Flying over Palm Trees (photo) by Laurel Casjens

Honorable Mention ($100 Each)

Lake Powell Reflections (photo) by Cynthia Heath

Dot Your Eyes (pen & ink) by Kristen Otero

— Protective Herd (photo) by Brokk Mowrey

— Velociraptor (steel) by Kenn Anderson

Young Artists Award (Family Zoo Membership Each)

Fox in the Woods (acrylic) by Jerry Jiang

Brown Bear (acrylic) by Patrick Holty

Zoo Awards

Zoo Director’s Choice AwardMisha (pen & watercolor) by Lance Snider
Zoo Employee’s Choice AwardRemember Me (acylic) by Jessika Clark

Gift Certificate Awards

Pixels Foto and Frame AwardCross Trekker (photo) by Kate Rice
Bullock Frame Company AwardReflections in Amber (pastel) by Beverly Hansen

Utah Arts & Museums Traveling Pieces

In addition to the awards presented, the following artists had pieces selected by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums for their Traveling Exhibits Program: Leah Anderson, Emily Bagley Hayford, Ralph Bartholomew, Elise Boucher, Laurel Casjens, Dallas Giles, Jeffry Hansen, Gabrielle Hatton, Tip Hewitt-Pongsuwan, Patrick Holty, Laura Johns, Carson Kawabata, Charlotte Kooreman,  Rich Kramer, Andrew Marx, Shannon McCosh, Olivia Nguyen, Tyson Nguyen, Pam Robinson, Lance Snider, Jerry Sticky, Heather Tuttle, Adrianna Vawdrey, Caleb Walker, Haily Wilson  (dates and locations for the 2017-18 show will be posted later)

Congratulations to all our artists who were selected for this year’s show.

Here are the dates and locations for the 2016/17 Traveling Show.

World of the Wild Traveling Show Dates and Locations

  • Manti Elementary, Manti 8/17 – 9/13 (2016)
  • Fillmore Elementary, Fillmore 9/13 – 10/11 (2016)
  • Delta Public Library, Delta 10/12 – 11/19 (2016)
  • Hanksville Elementary, Hanksville  1/4 –2/1 (2017)
  • Delta South Elementary, Delta 2/2 – 3/2 (2017)
  • Calvin Smith Elementary, Taylorsville 3/3 – 3/24 (2017)
  • Vernal Public Library, Vernal 3/27 – 4/28 (2017)


Utah’s Hogle Zoo would like to thank the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Salt Lake City Mayor and City Council and the citizens of Salt Lake County for their generous support of the World of the Wild Art Show.