Extra Adventures


Zoofari Express

The train ride is bigger and better than ever as it takes riders between the new lion exhibit and the savanna animals and then continues around the perimeter of  exhibit featuring giraffes, zebras and ostriches.  Riders will get spectacular view of these amazing animals in their naturalistic exhibits.

FEE: $2 per ride

*Unlimited Rides:
1 – 500 Guests: $400
501 – 2000 Guests: $675
2001 Guests and above: $890
*After-Hour Events Only.


Conservation Carousel

Kids of all ages will enjoy taking a whimsical spin on some of the world’s most beautiful, endangered animals.

FEE: $2 per ride

*Unlimited Rides:
1 – 500 Guests: $375
501 – 2000 Guests: $625
2001 Guests and above: $825

*After-Hour Events Only.


Face Painting & More

We offer a wide variety of add-on experiences including face painting, henna, temporary glitter tattoos, photo booth, musicians/bands, and small animal encounters.

Prices Vary
(Call 801-584-4501, for pricing of add-on experiences)


World of Flight Bird Show

Featuring seating for up to 400, this free-flight bird show features birds from throughout the world, including hawks, eagles, parrots, owls and many others. This 25-minute presentation emphasizes wildlife and habitat conservation in a fun, interactive manner. Enjoy your own private after hour show of this popular Zoo attraction.

FEE: $835
(Private shows after hours only)


Elephant Encounter Pachyderm Program

Nature’s largest land animals are fascinating creatures.  They can take a bow, return a keeper’s hat, stand perfectly still to have their toenails trimmed and much more.  Watch as the Elephant Encounter staff show off their “girls” including young Zuri, during these daily programs. Located in the training yard at Elephant Encounter.  Space is limited so arrive early and be sure to ask questions!

FEE$300 per show
(Private shows after hours only)


Grandma’s House at Asian Highlands

Immerse yourself in the customs of the people of Asia in this feng shui retreat representing the living quarters of the people of Nepal and Tibet. It is located in Asian Highlands and is hosted by one of the Zoo’s popular Eco-Explorers.

$125 per hour. Available 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.