Behavior Intern

The intern will be working in various departments under the supervision of the Behavioral Programs Coordinator, learning about what goes into a behavioral husbandry program.  The intern should be in college (or recently graduated) and working towards a degree in the biology, psychology or related fields, and should have a basic knowledge of operant conditioning and/or of animal behavior.  Interns need to have a recent TB test, and tetanus shot. Because of the nature of working close to a variety of animals, both alongside the management and keeper staff, the applicant needs to demonstrate maturity, self-motivation, and an ability to follow direction.  Applicant must be able to work 24 hours per week for 10 weeks (may change to 12 weeks).

Duties may include:

  • Help coordinate enrichment item purchases.  Organize and distribute enrichment items.  Help organize supplies and monitor volunteer enrichment projects.
  • Attend, video record, and/or transfer to tape for various training and enrichment sessions.
  • Attend and transcribe notes for training and enrichment related meetings around the zoo.
  • Research training, enrichment and behavioral issues and needs.
  • Help develop and organize the documentation needed to support training and enrichment programs in various departments, including:  training plans, enrichment requests, training session documents, observation forms, etc.
  • Help with development and implementation of new training and enrichment program components, including enrichment calendars, behavioral observations, and enrichment and training evaluation.
Internship available: 1 Non paid internship (24 hrs per week)>
Dates/Season: First week of June – Mid August
Application deadline:
March 1
Send application/ transcript/resume/cover letter to:

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