Pool Maintenance Divers

The Pool Maintenance Program at Utah’s Hogle Zoo offers volunteer divers an opportunity to dive and to help the Rocky Shores Exhibit staff maintain water quality in our seal/sea lion and polar bear pools.


  • Divers must be available to dive Tuesday or Thursday and must be able to dive a minimum of two, four-hour dives per month.
  • NOTE: You will not be diving with the Rocky Shores animals.

How can you join the program?

Step 1. Submit an application 

Step 2. Attend a Recruiting Day

  • Once your application is submitted you will be notified when the next recruiting day will be. The Recruiting Day provides you an opportunity to decide if becoming a volunteer diver is for you. These are offered several times throughout the year and include: overview of the dive program, overview of the prerequisites, required commitment, and duties/benefits of volunteering.
  • After the orientation, you will be asked to stay for an interview with our Volunteer Services Manager.
  • NOTE: Divers that do not yet meet the prerequisites will be referred to local training resources for additional qualifications.
  • If selected as a diver, the next step is to be scheduled for training. Training includes a six-hour overview of the Zoo.Diver

Step 3. Required Training

  • Attend 6 hour Zoo training. This is required of all prospective volunteers. This course includes an introductory session on the history, structure and mission of the Zoo; volunteer benefits, policies and procedures; a tour of the Zoo; incident and emergency management procedures; role of the surface tender and diver; a session on animal husbandry techniques and water quality. Upon successful completion divers will be provided additional training scheduled by the DSO and will be assigned to a shift schedule that suits both the diver and the Zoo.



  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Diving recruits must hold open water certification.
  • If the diver has not dove in the last 6 months, or cannot show proof of dives via logbook, then diver must take a refresher course at their own expense.
  • Divers are allowed to dive their own personal wet suit if wet suit is in good condition and is of adequate thermal protection (minimum of 7 mills.).
  • If diver does not have their own wet suit they will be permitted to dive the dry suits provided only after they have completed a dry suit orientation class from a nationally recognized organization (PADI, NAUI, or equivalent) at their own expense.
  • Divers must be cleared medically fit by way of RSTC questionnaire. Any yes answers requires clearance to dive by a physician at their own cost.
  • Divers must possess current First Aid, CPR and Oxygen Provider certification, or obtain it at the next certification class held here at the Hogle Zoo.
  • Diver must perform a Diving Skills Demonstration to a satisfactory skill level.
  • Diver must be willing to sign a waiver to release the Zoo of any liability in the event of personal neglect or misconduct.

Equipment Needs- Volunteer divers provide the following equipment: thermal protection liner. The Zoo will provide fins, gloves weights, boots, dry-suit hood and a full face diving mask. Personal equipment is allowed but the equipment must be inspected by the dive safety officer before use and diver must show proof of professional service every 6 months. Personal equipment must also be sterilized before use. The Zoo is not responsible for personal equipment lost or damaged.

Scheduling – Volunteer diver positions require a commitment of a minimum of two four-hour dives per month. Each team has a Lead Diver assigned by the Dive Safety Officer. The schedule is determined by your availability and the Zoo’s needs. We are committed to providing a quality volunteer diving experience and believe we can do this best within the structure of teams.

Commitment – Volunteers in the dive program are required to commit a minimum of one-full year (about 100 hours) to the Zoo. We realize that this is a significant commitment, and we want you to consider it carefully.

Do you have that much time? Is it important to you? We are happy to answer your questions before you make that final decision.

To fill out an application, please click here.