Gibbon Monkey
Welcome to Hogle Zoo’s animals database. We have information on all of the animals that we have at our zoo. Please use the right sidebar to perform searches on our database by an animal’s region, type, or a cross-reference of the two, or by searching for an animal by name. You may also view animals that are on the Species Survival Plan (SSP), or that are endangered or threatened, or that are native to Utah. Enjoy!
(Animals in our database: 220)

Showing the 20 most viewed animals on our site.
Animal Region Type
Helmeted Guinea FowlAfricaaves
Grey WolfNorth Americamammal
Spider MonkeySouth Americamammal
African ElephantAfricamammal
Northern Tree ShrewEurope & Asiamammal
Amur (Siberian) TigerEurope & Asiamammal
American BisonNorth Americamammal
BobcatNorth Americamammal
Western Lowland GorillaAfricamammal
Western Spotted SkunkNorth Americamammal
Amur LeopardEurope & Asiamammal
Utah Mountain KingsnakeNorth Americareptile
Tiger SalamanderNorth Americaamphibian
Madagascar Tree BoaAfricareptile
Golden Lion TamarinSouth Americamammal
Eastern Black and White Colobus MonkeyAfricamammal
Black-footed CatAfricamammal
Rubber BoaNorth Americareptile
Gila MonsterNorth Americareptile

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