North America
Animal Region Type
American KestrelNorth Americabirds
AxolotlNorth Americaamphibians
Bald EagleNorth Americabirds
Barn OwlNorth Americabirds
Beaded LizardNorth Americareptiles
Black-crowned Night HeronNorth Americabirds
BobcatNorth Americamammals
Boreal ToadNorth Americaamphibians
Burrowing OwlNorth Americabirds
California KingsnakeNorth Americareptiles
California Sea LionNorth Americamammals
CardinalNorth Americabirds
ChuckwallaNorth Americareptiles
Colorado River ToadNorth Americaamphibians
CottonmouthNorth Americareptiles
Desert TortoiseNorth Americareptiles
Dusky Pygmy RattlesnakeNorth Americareptiles
Fluffy SculpinNorth Americafish
Giant Canada GooseNorth Americabirds
Gila MonsterNorth Americareptiles
Gila WoodpeckerNorth Americabirds
Great Basin Gopher SnakeNorth Americareptiles
Great Basin RattlesnakeNorth Americareptiles
Great Horned OwlNorth Americabirds
Grey WolfNorth Americamammals
Grizzly BearNorth Americamammals
Harbor SealNorth Americamammals
House FinchNorth Americabirds
Mallard DuckNorth Americabirds
Mexican Burrowing PythonNorth Americareptiles
Mexican Red-Kneed TarantulaNorth Americaspiders
Mojave Desert SidewinderNorth Americareptiles
Nine-banded ArmadilloNorth Americamammals
North American OpossumNorth Americamammals
North American River OtterNorth Americamammals
Puerto Rican BoaNorth Americareptiles
Pygmy Faded RattlesnakeNorth Americareptiles
RavenNorth Americabirds
Roseate SpoonbillNorth Americabirds
Rough legged HawkNorth Americabirds
Rubber BoaNorth Americareptiles
Screech OwlNorth Americabirds
Spotted SalamanderNorth Americaamphibians
Spotted TurtleNorth Americareptiles
Texas TortoiseNorth Americareptiles
Tiger SalamanderNorth Americaamphibians
Turkey VultureNorth Americabirds
Utah Mountain KingsnakeNorth Americareptiles
Western MassasaugaNorth Americareptiles
Western Spotted SkunkNorth Americamammals
White-winged DoveNorth Americabirds
Wild TurkeyNorth Americabirds
Yellow-Blotched Map TurtleNorth Americareptiles




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