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Bullock's Oriole


Primarily the western United States


Open woods, farmlands, and sometimes urban areas


The male has a black crown, eyeline, throat, back, wing and tail. The face is orange along with the outer tail feathers and under-parts and rump. White on the edges of the wings. The females body has grayish upper parts with dull yellowing breast and under-tail feathers. Immature male similar to female but brighter orange with variable amounts of black on head.

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Its flight is strong and direct. The male sings all summer. His song is rich and flute-like, with each individual having a distinct song. The female song is generally shorter and simpler.


The female lays four to six eggs, typically four. The female incubates for twelve to fourteen days. Both parents feed the nestlings. Fledglings will stay with their parents for two weeks, and are fed by their parents during the period.

Bullock's Oriole
Class: aves
Genus: Icterus
Species: bullockii
Length: 7 inches
Average Lifespan: 6
Wild Diet: Insects, seeds, fruit, and berriesInsects, seeds, fruit, and berries
USFWS Status: Not Listed
CITES Status: Not Listed
Where at the Zoo? Discoveryland: Desert Canyon

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