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Japanese Green Pheasant


Japan except the island of Yezo.


Grass, brush and woods near cultivated fields.


Male has dark metallic green crown, nape, throat, breast and belly. Neck is purple; wing coverts bluish-grey; rump and upper tail coverts greenish-grey; tail green with purple. Beak horn-yellow; legs and feet blackish. The female is not as brightly colored as the male. This helps her hide while caring for her eggs and chicks.


This pheasant shares the restless and wary nature of all the game pheasants and is usually rather wild in captivity. If suddenly disturbed it is inclined to fly straight up. It often hides or seeks sanctuary in thick vegetation or shrubs where it also sleeps.


8-15 eggs are laid. Incubation lasts 24 days. The hens are usually good brooders and look after their chicks well provided they can make their nesting scrape in a quiet and well sheltered corner where there is no risk of being disturbed.

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Japanese Green Pheasant
Class: aves
Genus: Phasianus
Species: versicolor versicolor
Average Lifespan: 7
Wild Diet: Grains, plants, insects, and worms
Predators: Large carnivorous mammals and man
USFWS Status: Not Listed
CITES Status: Not Listed

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