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Long-eared Owl


Thick vegetation near open grassland, shrub land, open forests


These are medium sized owls with prominent ear tufts.  Overall plumage rufous brown  with a slightly ligher belly

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Unlike most owl species—which are  solitary—long-eared owls roost in community groups of up to 50 owls during the winter months.  These owls roost near the trunks of trees, where they stay very still and quiet.  This behavior combined with their excellent camouflage keeps these owls from being noticed, even when roosting in large communal groups.


Incubation of 25 - 30 Days; 3-8 eggs per clutch

Interesting Facts:

Night hunters, these owls have been shown under controlled conditions to catch mice in complete darkness.

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Long-eared Owl
Native Utah Animal
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Class: aves
Family: Strigiformes
Genus: Asio
Species: otus
Height: 13-15 inches
Wild Diet: Small mammals
Predators: Other raptors, including great horned and barred owls.
Where at the Zoo? Discoveryland: Desert Canyon

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