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Worldwide, except for the high Arctic, Antarctic. southern South America, New Zealand and most oceanic islands.


Most habitats including: seacoasts, mountains, forests and deserts.


Large bird with a short, or medium-length square tail and plumage that is black with a slight purplish gloss. They have a large black bill that is extremely strong and black legs and feet.

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Often seen in small groups, typically with a sentinel on a high perch. These birds are wary of humans and learn quickly from their experience in situations. These birds are known for their 'cah cah' call, but are capable of mimicking many sounds. Ravens are considered by some to be the most intelligent of birds, having the ability to learn at a higher rate than parrots.


The male and female raven will often defend breeding territories where they nest. Usually 2 - 8 eggs are laid and incubation lasts 18 - 20 days. The young will usually leave the nest after 20 - 45 days.

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Did YOU Know?
Ravens scientific name (corvus corax) means large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail.
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Class: aves
Genus: Corvus
Species: corax
Length: 6 - 26 inches
Weight: 50 ounces
Average Lifespan: 10
Wild Diet: Varied. Includes fruit, seeds, insects, small vertebrates, eggs of other birds and carrion.
USFWS Status: Not Listed
CITES Status: Not Listed
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