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Red-rumped Agouti


Central and South America


tropical and dry forests

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3 month long gestation, up to 4 young can be born, but usually 2.  Well-developed when born, can see ant birth and can run after 1 hour.

Interesting Facts:

There are 13 different species of agoutis.  They are the only animal that can open the Brazilian nut shells, and are important seed dispersers.  They usually sit erect to eat, and hold their food in their hands.  Their genus name, Dasyprocta is Greek for "fuzzy butt." The name Agouti comes from a  term refering to their hair color pattern. This  hair pattern is dark brown to black hairs with ligher colored tips.  There are other mammals that have agouti hair color.  When food is abundant, they carefully bury surplus for harder times.

Red-rumped Agouti Click to View Bigger Picture
Red-rumped Agouti
Class: mammal
Order: Rodentia
Family: Dasyproctidae
Genus: Dasyprocta
Species: leporina
Length: 16-24 inches
Height: ~ 1 foot
Weight: 3-6 pounds
Average Lifespan: 10-20 years
Wild Diet: fruit, nuts, seeds, shoots, leaves
Zoo Diet: fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables
Predators: Man,jaguar, ocelot, harpy eagle,large snakes
Where at the Zoo? Small Animal Building: Temperate Zone

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