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Rock Squirrel


Southern Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and south through Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas, and much of Mexico.


Open rocky areas.


A large, bushy-tailed ground squirrel; upperparts grayish brown, the hind back and rump more brownish; tail mixed buff and brown, edged with white; underparts white or pinkish.


They can often be spotted perched on rocks. Unlike other squirrels, rock squirrels are rarely seen climbing trees. They find shelter below ground in a burrow which they dig. However, they are frequently found in areas of human habitation, where they den under sheds, in lumber piles, and even junk cars. They are identified by a sharp, trembling whistle.


Gestation period 30 days with 3-9 young.

Rock Squirrel
Native Utah Animal
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Class: mammal
Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae
Genus: Spermophilus
Species: variegatus
Length: 17-21 in. (468 mm); tail, 7-10 in. (172-252 mm)
Height: N/A
Weight: 21-28 oz. (600-800 g.)
Average Lifespan: 1
Wild Diet: Seeds, nuts, insects, eggs, carrion.
Zoo Diet: Seeds, nuts, insects, eggs.
USFWS Status: Not Listed
CITES Status: Not Listed

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