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Tokay Gecko


South East Asia and Malayan Isles.


Bushes, trees and on or around rocks.


Its ground color is greenish gray. Gray and orange-brown spots cover the body. The body is slender, topped by a large head. The eyes are prominent in all species and the gecko\\\\\\\'s vision is excellent. Broad fleshy toes with inner folds, enable the lizard to cling to tiny irregularities in a surface.

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Nearly all geckos have a voice, ranging from a small squeak to the deafening whistles of the African whistling gecko. The Tokay gecko seems to be more aggressive than other mild-mannered species, often lunging forward with its mouth open and will bite repeatedly if handled.


The gecko sticks its eggs to walls or rocks near cracks or holes. Usually two eggs are laid. More than one female may use the same \\\\\\\'nest\\\\\\\'. The eggs, which often adhere to each other are soft-shelled at first, with a very sticky surface. They harden soon after they are laid.

Tokay Gecko
Class: reptile
Genus: Gekko
Species: gecko
Length: 10-12 inches
Average Lifespan: 5
Wild Diet: Insects, baby birds, and small mammals.
Predators: Snakes and man.
USFWS Status: Not Listed
CITES Status: Not Listed
Where at the Zoo? Small Animal Building: Tropics Zone

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