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Vietnamese Centipede


Not restricted to Vietnam, but can be found throughout the world’s tropical and subtropical areas, especially southeast Asia


Warm tropical and subtropical areas.


This species is brown to reddish-brown with a red head and red legs. It has about 19 segments with only a single pair of legs per segment.

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This is an active carnivore that generally feeds by grasping its prey with a pair of legs and injecting venom with its front legs, which are modified for this purpose. It then feeds off the immobilized or dead prey. The venom can cause pain and serious swelling in humans, and may cause death in very young children.


Fertilization is internal with the spermatophore transferred in ways similar to many other arachnids. Female lays eggs and, in some species, are carefully brooded by the female. When hatched, the young resemble the adults.

Interesting Facts:

This species is one of only three species of centipedes found in Hawaii.

Did YOU Know?
Chilopods have an odd number of segments. The antenna are also segmented.
Vietnamese Centipede
Class: Insect
Order: Scolopendromorpha
Family: Scolopendridae
Genus: Scolopendra
Species: subspinipes
Length: Up to 8 inches long
Average Lifespan: May live up to ten years, and take 3-4 years to attain full adult size.
Wild Diet: arthropods and other small invertebrates

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