Baby Elephant

a 22-month pregnancy, Hogle Zoo African elephant Christie has finally given
birth to a female calf August
10, 2009. This is the first baby born to 23-year-old Christie. The
new elephant calf was born at 1:15 pm Monday August 10. 
Hogle Zoo Elephant Manager Doug
Tomkinson says, “It went easy and well, but I can’t believe
how fast it happened.
” He adds, “This is something miraculous that has occurred.
It has been years of hard work from the elephant staff and everyone else
involved, and now the calf is finally here
The calf weighed in at 251 pounds, is 36” tall and has a trunk that
measures 15” in length.
Mom and calf made their public debut on September 11 in the Elephant Encounter exhibit.
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