Baby Giraffe Born

The baby giraffe, a male, was born to Hogle Zoo giraffes Daphne (22-years-old) and Riley (four-years-old). Right now, the baby stands about six feet tall, but during its first week of life will grow nearly one inch per day. In addition, baby giraffes weigh about 110 pounds and can rise to their feet and nurse within hours of birth. They can also run before they are 24 hours old.

Though the new giraffe baby was anticipated sometime in November, the animal care staff weren’t sure exactly when it would happen. Giraffe keeper Holly Harrington said, “Earlier in the morning, the mother was pacing around and acting anxious. By about 9:30, we could see today was the day.”

“The whole birth process went very well,” said Dr. Erika Travis Hogle Zoo Associate Veterinarian. “It took about an hour and a half from start to finish.”

“We are very excited about this new baby, as it is the first giraffe born here since 2002.” said Assistant Director- Programs Kimberly Davidson. “As far as breeding is concerned, all of our giraffes are genetically valuable and we eventually hope for babies from the others as well. From the beginning, this baby giraffe was strong lifting his head up, and just shortly after birth was working to stand.”