Baby Siamese Crocodile

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of one of the most critically endangered reptiles on the planet.
This baby Siamese crocodile hatched here at Utah’s Hogle Zoo on July 7, 2009.
Only 45 Siamese Crocodiles live in US zoos or aquariums – and we have only one of two reported babies  this year.

Over the past hundred years, habitat
destruction and hunting have removed Siamese crocodiles from 99 percent of
their range throughout South East Asia. Just ten wild individuals are known in
Laos, two in Thailand, and two in Vietnam, while the species is extinct in
Malaysia and Indonesia. In 2000, a population of about 250 individuals was
discovered living in the remote highlands of Cambodia. The entire wild
population of 264 individuals lays no more than five nests per year.

Despite the fact that the Siamese crocodile is a
protected species, threats from habitat loss, hunting, and the collection of
crocodiles to stock farms continues today. To help ensure the survival of this
species, our baby is part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA)
Population Management Plan. AZA zoos are working to ensure the survival of this
species for future generations.

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