Dari Turns 54!

What Do You Get an Elephant For Her Birthday?

(Salt Lake City, UT) — Luckily Dari’s not too picky – she just wants you to join the party!

Dari, the oldest African elephant in North America, is turning another year older – she’ll be 54!

Come help us celebrate!

Saturday, June 14, 10:30 a.m., Dari will get a birthday cake fit for an elephant – made up of protein pellets, fruits and veggies with mashed potato frosting!

After the elephant-sized demonstration, kids can make a craft to take home and see other senior animals celebrate getting another year older as well.

Tino, one of our silver back gorillas is 41 years old (enrichment at 10:00 a.m.)

And Daphne, our gorgeous giraffe, turns 29 this year – another Hogle Zoo senior (enrichment throughout the day).

“Dari’s going strong,” says elephant keeper, Eric Peterson. “She deserves every bite of cake she gets!”

Guests will also enjoy free pie from Village Inn, puppet shows by Kipper Brothers Puppet Works and costumed characters from FantastyCon.

Kids can also make birthday cards for all of our animals!


Animals in zoos tend to live longer than those in the wild. With better healthcare and less stress, zoo animals can live well into their senior years.

  • African elephants: Average lifespan, 35-45 years
  • Giraffes: 15 years
  • Gorillas: 35 years

**Media is encouraged to arrive by 10:15 a.m. and check in at guest services. Erica Hansen (801-541-6112) will escort them and get them placed at elephants. Please be early as crews will need to be moved through the crowds.**

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