(Salt Lake City, UT) – Once upon a
time in a land not so very far away, storytellers tell amazing tales of
creatures with tails, animals if you will, to happy Zoo visitors enjoying a
nice early spring day. If this sounds like the beginning of a great story, it’s
actually the beginning of a great event—the first-ever Fairy “Tails”
Storytelling Day at Utah’s Hogle Zoo Saturday March 7, 2009.


this day, professional storytellers from Utah’s Storytelling Guild will enchant
audiences with four different 45-minute sessions of interactive, animal-themed
stories designed to educate and entertain. After that, Hogle Zoo education
staff will give small animal presentations featuring some of the story animals,
and then kids will finish up their day with a fun bookmark craft. As part of
the excitement, audiences are also encouraged to dress up as their favorite
fairy “tail” characters!


year Hogle Zoo strives to provide our visitors with exciting new events in a
beautiful Zoo setting,” said Song Stott, Special Events Coordinator. “This year
is no exception and it’s wonderful educating children about conservation and
animals with such talented storytellers.”

close the book on the cold winter months, have your children don their tiaras,
and then bring them to Hogle Zoo for Fairy “Tails” for animal tales they won’t
soon forget. Tickets are limited to 50 children per story session (10 am, 11
am, noon and 1 pm) and can be purchased ahead of time by calling Hogle Zoo
Guest Services at (801) 584-1769.
Cost is $5 per child, and free for their
accompanying adults (this price does not include regular Zoo admission).


Visit Hogle Zoo online at www.hoglezoo.org or for more information,
contact Community Relations Coordinator Holly Braithwaite by email at hbraithwaite@hoglezoo.org or call
(801) 584-1729.


About the Association
of Zoos & Aquariums:
Hogle Zoo is one of only 218 institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos
& Aquariums (AZA).  Look for the AZA
logo whenever you visit a zoo or aquarium as your assurance that you are
supporting a facility dedicated to providing excellent care for animals, a
great experience for you, and a better future for all living things.  AZA is a leader in global wildlife conservation,
and your link to helping animals in their native habitats. For more information
visit www.aza.org.


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