Zoorassic Park Roars Into Action at Hogle Zoo

SALT LAKE CITY (May 11) – An event 65 million years in the making is about to sink its teeth into Utah’s Hogle Zoo this summer as Zoorassic Park presented by Les Schwab Tire Centers brings the wonders of the prehistoric world to the Zoo starting Saturday, May 14.

These 13 life-size animatronic dinosaurs representing species from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods will be scattered throughout Zoo grounds and may be viewed and enjoyed for FREE with a valid Hogle Zoo membership or paid Zoo admission.

The menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex, the spiky-necked Styracosaurus, the bony-plated Kentrosaurus, the fierce Megalosaurus, gator-like Suchomimus, the spitting Dilophosaurus, the Allosaurus and the giant Brachiosaurus, which stood up to 50 feet tall and weighed as much as six elephants, and more will be living throughout the Zoo, waiting to be encountered for a limited time only until August 21.

Zoorassic Park is making its third appearance at Hogle Zoo since 1993. The dinosaurs of Zoorassic Park use futuristic technology that makes these creatures seem to come alive, moving, roaring, snarling and yes, even spitting!

Linking the robotic dinosaurs of Zoorassic Park with "real" dinosaurs of the fossil record, Utah’s Hogle Zoo has partnered with the Natural History Museum of Utah which will be hosting a special "Dinosaur Tales" exhibit in the Zoo Auditorium throughout the summer. Guests can learn about those paleontologists working in our own utah backyard that are discovering new fossils and species all the time.

Kids can get "into" the paleontologist swing of things with the Dino Dig, a mock paleontologist dig site where your youngsters can excavate dinosaur fossils, using brushes and sifters to search for clues about the lives of dinosaurs.

And, when the whole family has had their fill for the day they can stop by the Dinostore, a new tented gift shop in the Beastro plaza, which will be stocked with the prehistoric world’s finest toys, apparel and souvenirs.

These giant mechanical dinosaurs were designed and built to scale by Billings Productions of McKinney, Texas. Each dinosaur is built on a steel frame and covered with intricately painted rubber skin. State-of-the-art electronics and air pistons power the dinosaurs’

movements, complete with grasping hands, menacing claws, and gnashing teeth.

Zoorassic Park opens to our guests on Saturday, May 14 with the dinos becoming extinct on Sunday, August 21.

The presenting sponsor of Zoorassic Park is the Les Schwab Tire Centers. Zoorassic Park is also sponsored in part by the University of Utah’s Natural History Museum, Wendy’s Restaurants, Cache Valley Cheese and Fox 13.