Tips for ZooLights!

Here are some great tips to help you and your family enjoy a fun ZooLights!

Bundle Up! It’s Cold Outside!

There are limited warm zones at ZooLights! So, please bundle up in appropriate clothing for the weather. If you do feel a bit chilly, hot chocolate in the Beastro, Oasis Cafe, Shorline Grill, or Cat Wok Cafe is a great way to warm up. Also, hand warmers are available in the Wild Zootique.

Seeing Zoo Animals During ZooLights!

At night, a lot of our animals go to sleep, so not all our animals will be visible during ZooLights! Some animals you might see include: grizzly bears, polar bear, seals, sea lions, river otters, bald eagles, tigers, snow leopard, leopard, lynx, pallas’ cats, colobus monkeys, and spider monkeys.

The Great Ape Building and the Small Animal Building will not be open during Zoolights!

Ice Warning

Utah’s Hogle Zoo does its best to keep our pathways free of ice and snow, but we can’t always keep up with Mother Nature. Please wear appropriate footwear and be careful on the pathways.

Avoid the Lines, Buy Your Tickets Online!

Purchasing your tickets to Zoolights online is the easiest way to see ZooLights hassle free. Simply click here, purchase the number of tickets you need, and print them out. Once you arrive it’s a matter of handing them to the ticket taker as you enter the zoo. Tickets are good for any day of ZooLights!

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