What will the Zoo do with the money received from Proposition 2?

The Proposition provides a $33 million bond which will be used by the Zoo to fund projects such as

  • an Arctic Exhibit with polar bears, seals, and wolves
  • the first phase of an African Savanna with animals such as giraffes, rhinos, and zebras
  • an Animal Health Center

None of the money from the bond will be used for operations or salaries.

How will the bond money be raised?

The $33 million will come through a small raise in property tax in Salt Lake County.  The cost increase for an average household of $292,000 is $0.39 per month.

How much will my property taxes increase?

An average increase of $0.39 a month or $4.68 a year per average household of $292,000.

Is the receipt of the bond contingent upon anything other than the Proposition being passed?

Yes, in addition to the proposition being passed by the voters, the Zoo must raise $11 million in private donations before November 2010.  Thus far, the Zoo has raised about $7.3 million—we are on our way to meeting the goal!

How does the Zoo’s improvement benefit my family and me?

The Zoo provides incredible educational opportunities for both the young and not so young alike.  In addition to school fieldtrips, the zoo offers school outreach programs to aid teachers in the class room.  These programs educate students not only on the animals and their habitats but also on environmental conservation

Historically, 65% of visitors to the Zoo live throughout Salt Lake County. The Zoo is a needed and used recreational resource for county residents. The economic benefits afforded to the county by virtue of the Zoo’s Salt Lake County location are positive for the county’s residents. Also, recent studies have shown that due to the rising cost of gasoline and food, many Americans are changing their vacation plans and choosing to stay home on “staycations”, rather than travel.  The Zoo, as a local attraction, provides a great get-away for many families.

With the economy this bad, is 2008 the right year?

It has been well-documented that when Americans are in tight economic times, they cut back or eliminate large discretionary expenses, such as expensive travel and recreation.  During these times people rely even more on local, affordable, recreational destinations as places to relax and spend time with their families. We believe that now more than ever, families in Salt Lake County recognize the importance of maintaining Hogle Zoo as a top-rated recreational and educational resource.We also recognize that in this soft economy, taxpayer dollars must only be used for proven and solid partnerships.  We believe that Hogle Zoo is a rare and well-suited public/private match, and will have strong support in the current political and economic climates of Salt Lake County. 

How many people visited the Zoo last year?

Hogle Zoo set an all-time record of 954,551 visitors for annual attendance in 2007.  Attendance has increased every year since 2002, growing by 54 percent in the last five years.