Zoo Master Plan

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Utah’s Hogle Zoo adopted its current Master Plan in 1998.  The first project completed under this new plan was the Entry Plaza which opened in 2001. The Entry Plaza is made up of a new Wild Zootique gift shop, membership and guest services, a new train station and an Events Pavilion.

In 2005, the next master plan project Elephant Encounter, was completed.  This exhibit is the largest, new animal exhibit in 25 years. The exhibit, features three female African elephants and two white rhinoceros, provides a stimulating, updated environment for the animals by enhancing and increasing the habitats, activities and surrounding areas while providing better viewing areas and educational opportunities for the guests.

In 2006, Asian Highlands opened to rave reviews. Asian Highlands is phase three of the master plan and the second of two projects funded by the 2003 Salt Lake City General Obligation bond.

Oasis Plaza and the Conservation Carousel opened in 2008 as the latest master plan project.  A new animal health center will open in 2009 and will feature a state-of-the-art hospital to help meet the needs of the zoo’s nearly 300 animals.

In order to complete the next phase of the master plan, Rocky Shores, the Zoo has launched Renew the Zoo campaign.  Rocky Shores will bring back polar bears, sea lions and seals to the Zoo and feature underwater viewing of both.  To make a donation to help make this exhibit possible, please click here.