Zoo Just For You!

Special Needs Programs

Utah’s Hogle Zoo now offers classes for students with special needs. We offer onsite programs for field trips, outreach programs direct to your classroom, and early intervention classes.

Programs cost $50 and class size is limited to 30 students. Programs include live animals, animal models and animal artifacts. All programs can be adapted to meet your classroom needs and time frame (one hour maximum). For larger groups, or to schedule your program, and/or any other questions, please email Christopher Butler at [email protected] or call (801)584-4563 for program options and pricing.

  • Livin’ the Sweet Life (Lifecycles): When you were born, did you hatch from an egg? Were you born with a tail that fell off when you grew up? Will you ever sprout wings? Of course not, but some animals do! Why do some animal babies look like their moms, and others look nothing like them? Find out the amazing story of different animals as they grow.
  • Radical Reptiles (Adaptations): Reptiles come in many shapes and sizes. Some slither, others crawl – some have sharp fangs, and others have no teeth at all! Come to the Zoo, and uncover what these scaly creatures have in common, and what makes them different.
  • Is the Zoo for You? (Career program, ages 13+) There is more to working at a zoo than just “playing” with animals and scooping poop! Your students will discover the many different opportunities and careers that zoos offer, the types of schooling these jobs require and how students can get started on their zoo career path!  This hour-long interactive program is designed for junior high and high school SPED students or SPED vocational programs.