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The world’s most popular toy is coming to Utah’s Hogle Zoo.  And what is the world’s most popular toy?  Barbies?  Game Boy?  Tickle Me Elmo?  Think again.  According to a recent survey, it can now be revealed that LEGO bricks are the most popular toy ever manufactured.  A toy-review site has called LEGO bricks the ‘Toy of the Century.’ So much so, in fact, that the LEGOLAND theme parks continue to draw record crowds and on and on it goes. Everyone, it seems, loves LEGO bricks!

Opening May 3, Utah’s Hogle Zoo invites you to enter an extraordinary world of life-size animals made entirely of LEGO bricks.  Called “Creatures of Habitat:  A Gazillion-Piece Animal Adventure,” this one-of-kind animal experience is sure to inspire conservationists of all ages. Bringing nine endangered animals and their vanishing habitats to life, you will discover all kinds of birds and beasts. Each creature is intricately designed one small LEGO brick at a time by Sean Kenney, a LEGO Certified Professional artist, one of only nine in the world.  All told, it took Sean 208,350 LEGO bricks and five months to construct these amazing sculptures.

Designed in 2010 for the Philadelphia Zoo, this creative journey will take you into amazing destinations from around the globe – from Borneo to Brazil and the Arctic to Africa — all while discovering and learning about the plight of animals inhabiting these disappearing landscapes.

Located throughout the Zoo, and free with paid Zoo admission or your valid Zoo membership, each sculpture is situated creatively in settings specific for each animal and habitat.
“Creatures of Habitat:  A Gazillion-Piece Animal Adventure” will highlight Hogle Zoo’s global role in protecting wildlife, while focusing on the stewardship role we all must play to protect the animals with whom we share this amazing planet.

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