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For 15 years, beginning in 1985, Utah’s Hogle Zoo had one of the most successful polar bear breeding programs of any zoo in North America.  Overall ten cubs were born, all to Chinook, our beloved female polar bear.  Upon Chinook’s death in 2002, Zoo management made the decision not to return polar bears to Hogle Zoo until a state-of-the-art, more natural habitat could be built.  We know that many of you have missed the polar bears and have been anticipating their return for some time.  Well, the wait is almost over.

Welcome to Rocky Shores! Reflecting the look and feel of a historic cannery row on the northern Pacific coast, Rocky shores is the largest and most intricate, multi-animal exhibit ever constructed at Hogle Zoo.  It will include expansive new homes for six animal species that depend on the sea and other waterways for their livelihood – grizzly bears, river otters, sea lions, harbor seals, bald eagles and of course, polar bear.  This rugged wonderland also includes a new bridge across Emigration Creek, nose-to-nose underwater viewing, a large plaza, an amphitheater for pinniped programs/training, two aquariums, shiny new restrooms and the convenient Shoreline Café.

      You can expect to experience unprecedented environmental immersion through realistic habitat designs.  Additionally, Rocky Shores will educate you and your family about the animals – what they eat, their behaviors and instincts and their future survival, all presented through interactive technology and innovative programs.

Funded in part by a public/private partnership to help drive continued improvements at the Zoo, Salt Lake County residents voted overwhelmingly in 2008 to approve bonds for these Zoo improvements.  Rocky Shores will soon be a reality thanks to our valued donors, sponsors, other contributors and the residents of Salt Lake County.

Rocky Shores is intended to be a long-term conservation facility for polar bears and other animals native to North America and we look forward to once again building on our long standing reputation as having one of the finest polar bear programs in North America, doing our part to help save threatened species for generations to come.


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