The 2012 Felid TAG mid-year meeting will be held at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City July 15-21, 2012.

To register please email or call (801) 584-1778

About the Felid TAG

The Felid TAG is a committee of advisors with expertise in issues relating to wild cats. These advisors hold regular meetings attended by people from both AZA-member institutions and the private sector who have an interest in felids.

An important role of the Felid TAG is to recommend the wild cat species managed by AZA studbooks, SSPs, and other zoo- and aquarium-based programs through the regional collection planning (RCP) process. The Felid RCP helps animal managers determine which species are most in need of zoo- or aquarium-based conservation programs; establish priorities for management, research and conservation; and recruit qualified individuals to carry out these activities.

What is the Felid TAG?

Felid TAG Collection Plan

Directory of Steering Committee Members and Conservation Program Coordinators

Download a mail-in registration form





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