Completed Exhibits

Rocky Shores

Asian Highlands

Rocky Shores is an extensive multi-animal habitat featuring bears, sea lions, seals and otters. You will see up-close, underwater viewing of the animals as they swim through crystal blue water, as well as unprecedented views from ground level in a habitat depicting the physical, cultural and social landscape of the western shores of North America. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!


Our new Lighthouse Point Splash Zone in now open. Click here to learn more.

Asian Highlands

Asian Highlands Asian Highlands is the Zoo’s new big cat exhibit. The old Feline Building was renovated to depict an Asian Highlands village with outdoor yards for our Amur tigers, Amur leopards, snow leopards and Siberian lynx. From various locations throughout the village you can view our cats in naturalistic environments. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!


Elephant Encounter

Elephant Encounter
The Zoo has opened its largest new animal exhibit in 25 years and you are invited to enjoy the encounter. “Elephant Encounter” brings a part of the Serengeti to Salt Lake City in the re-creation of an African plain featuring three African elephants and two white rhinoceros. Click here to learn more about this exhibit!