Exhibits Under Construction & Planning


 African Savanna Exhibit

The new African Savanna exhibit will be 4.5 acres located just off the main entry plaza of the Zoo.  The exhibit will create the largest usable animal habitat in the Zoo and will provide a major panorama at the Zoo entry, featuring giraffes, zebra, ostrich and other small antelope.  Anchoring this area will be a giraffe feeding hub and overlook where guest will come face-to-face with the tallest land animals and have the opportunity to feed these noble creatures. In the northwest section of the exhibit, a new lion habitat will be created to give the lions a naturalistic environment with numerous opportunities to view these magnificent creatures.  The existing train ride will be expanded by 50% and give riders up-close and panoramic views of the savanna habitat and lions.

From the  moment guests enter the main Zoo Plaza from the ticket gate, the character of the plaza will change dramatically along the south edge facing the savanna habitat.  A unique mix of cultural and wild landscapes are proposed as guests transition from the plaza to the main path, and ultimately to the more immersive tertiary trails.  Long and wide panoramas will provied overlapping views of mor managed landscapes in the foreground, with wild savanna habitats beyond, and in many cases, borrowed backdrops of the Wasatch Mountians and foothills.

Click here for an illustrative site plan.