Big Changes coming to the Zoo

Now that Rocky Shores is open and running, we are now focusing on African Savanna exhibit!

Our new Kid’s Splash Zone is Now Open!

In the Fall of 2012 we broke on African Savanna – a mixed species exhibit that will see the return of the African lion, the king of beasts. It will also provide better homes for our giraffes which will walk freely alongside zebras, ostriches and other small African hoof-stock.

This beautiful new addition to the Zoo means that we’re going to have to deal with construction fences, a bit of dust and some other changes.

And we want you to be the first to know:

  • Construction began in September of 2012. You’ll see construction fencing along the south side of the main pathway, from the entrance to Primate Forest.
  • A favorite attraction, the train, will be caught up in construction. The train will not run from September 2012 until spring of 2014. Once the train reopens, it will be a longer ride and will be rerouted to go around the perimeter of the Savanna.
  • And what about the animals? Many of the animals in Discovery Land have found new homes at Hogle Zoo while others, out of necessity, were re-located to other accredited zoos.
  • The other big change (and a tough one for the kids) is the closure of the popular playground. But keep your eyes toward the entrance of Rocky Shores and our new, fun splash park! Kids will be able to run underneath small shooting streams of water, climb up a lighthouse and soar down the big slide and pose for pictures in ‘shipwreck.’ Parents – Not to worry… it’s not designed for kids to get soaking wet, just enough to keep cool on a hot summer day. Oh! And there will be plenty of shady benches for you to enjoy your ice cream.

So there’s the African lowdown. Once we get through the tough stuff, we’ll have another state-of-the-art exhibit on the east end of Hogle Zoo, set to open in spring of 2014. African Savanna will offer fantastic nose-to-nose viewing with a pride of lions. It will also have a wonderful giraffe-feeding station, sure to bring them in to new light.

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