Zoo Rules

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is SMOKE FREE. There is NO SMOKING anywhere on Zoo grounds. This includes the parking lots and Zoo entrance.

Visitors must have an entrance ticket for that day or a membership card with photo I.D. to be admitted.

Visitors of the Zoo may leave and come back on the same day, as long as they keep their entrance ticket.

Visitors to the Zoo must be wearing clothing and shoes at all times.

OUTSIDE ANIMALS AND PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED into the Zoo, even on a leash.
Service Dogs must be checked in at Guest Services in order to be allowed into the Zoo , no exceptions. We follow ADA guidelines which are available in the Guest Service Department

For the health and safety for our animals and guests, we do not allow the following items inside the Zoo:

  1. Balloons of any kind
  2. Segways or similar motorized vehicles (unless for medical reasons. Guests should contact Guest Services or Security for approval.) Motorized wheelchairs are OK.
  3. Bicycles (except for Zoo Security officers)
  4. Tricycles (or similar such item that is powered by someone sitting on it)
  5. Heely shoes, in-line skates, or roller-skates.
  6. Skateboards
  7. Scooters of any kind
  8. Water guns or water balloons (water spray bottles are only allowed on hot days)
  9. Glass containers
  10. Alcoholic beverages
  11. Laser pointers
  12. Gas grills or charcoal barbecues
  13. Stickers or confetti
  14. Balls of any kind
  15. Frisbee’s
  16. Yo-yo’s
  17. Whistles
  18. Beads and small plastic figures
  19. Any other item deemed unsafe by Utah’s Hogle Zoo security

Distribution of handouts, leaflets, flyers, information, merchandise, promotional items, printed materials or anything similar requires prior approval of the Hogle Zoo Marketing Department.

Revised 4-8-2008

2600 East Sunnyside Avenue | Salt Lake City, Utah 84108 | (801) 584-1700