Travel Program

The Zoo sponsors regular trips on safaris of wonder and adventure. If you are interested in traveling with the Zoo, or would like more information about Zoo sponsored travel, please contact the Zoo's Travel Coordinator, or add your name to the mailing list.

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For more information about the Zoo’s Travel Program call 801.584.1749 or email the Zoo’s Travel Coordinator.

Learn more about our travel destinations 

  • Churchill, Manitoba – Known as the polar bear capital of the world. This incredible adventure will bring our guests right into the heart of polar bear country – the Churchill Wildlife Management area, a conservation area that is home to the largest concentration of polar bears in the world. Join us as we explore the tundra on our world-famous Tundra Buggies!  
    November 4-9, 2018 – Click Here for an itinerary. THIS TRIP IS FULL!

  • Kathmandu, Nepal – Travel with us to the cloud forests and communities of the Himalayas!  We’ll hike through some of the Eastern Himalayas most pristine forests in search of one of Asia’s most elusive mammals; the red panda. We’ll also look for bears, clouded leopards, monkeys/macaques, and other rare mammals and bird species.
    March 15-26, 2019 – Click Here for an itinerary.