Art On Grounds

“The arts ennoble and inspire us — fostering creativity, goodness and beauty. They help us express our values, build bridges between cultures and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion or age.”     – Marilyn Wolf-Ragatz

In an effort to make the Zoo a more dynamic and interactive space for its guests, Utah’s Hogle Zoo has commissioned several works of art found on Zoo grounds.  These works range from realistic to whimsical, but all create an opportunity for our visitors to interact with, climb on and under and provide great photo opportunities.  It is the rare guest that doesn’t go home with at least a photo or two of one of our sculptures.  As you walk around the Zoo we hope you will enjoys these amazing creations.  Check out the list below of our major commissioned public works of art.

Giraffe Family

Giraffe Family

These three, life-size giraffes were created by Salt Lake artist Stephen Kesler for the opening of the Zoo’s African Savanna which opened in the spring of 2014.  These iconic giraffes greet visitors as they first enter the Zoo in the Entry Plaza.

Lion Family

Lion Family

This pride of lions was created by artist Matthew Gray Palmer for the opening of the Zoo’s African Savanna exhibit which opened in the spring of 2014.  These majestic, cement lions feature an adult male and female and two cubs.  These lions are found in front of the lion exhibit of African Savanna.

Polar Bear Family

Polar Bear Mom and Cubs

This trio of three, life size polar bears featuring a mother and two playing cubs were created by  artist Matthew Gray Palmer  for the opening of the Zoo’s Rocky Shores exhibit which opened in the spring of 2012.  These cast stainless steel bears are found at the entrance of the Tidewater Cove building of the Rocky Shores exhibit.

Granite Harbor Seal

Harbor Seal

This life sized carved granite harbor seal was created by artist Matthew Gray Palmer  for the opening of the Zoo’s Rocky Shores exhibit which opened in the spring of 2012. This playful seal can be found in front of Rocky Shore’s Pinniped Pool featuring harbor seals and sea lions.

Bronze Tigers

Tiger Mom and Cub

This life size bronze tiger and cub were created by local artist Dolores Shelledy for the opening of Asian Highlands, which opened in the spring of 2006.  This tiger and cub can be found in a shady alcove of Asian Highlands.


Elephant Sculpture

This unique elephant sculpture has become the unofficial mascot of the zoo with virtually every child that visits the Zoo sitting on the trunk or getting “sneezed on” with a spray of water from his trunk. This creative sculpture was created by Roto Studios and can be fount along the main pathway heading into our Elephant Encounter exhibit.

Bronze Rhino

White Rhino

This life-sized bronze rhino was created by local artist Dolores Shelledy, one of the first pieces of art acquired by the Zoo, has been on ground for decades. This popular sculpture can be found across the path from the rhino exhibit.

Elephant Bust

Loxodonta Africana

This bronze elephant bust was commissioned for the commemoration of the Zoo’s 60 year anniversary, and the donation of the land for the Zoo by the Hogle Family. It was created by  sculptor John B. Mortensen, and dedicated on July 31, 1991. This sculpture is located on a cement column just past Twiga Terrace.