Create A Cup Feeder for Your Feathered Friends

Use your signature Hogle Zoo cup to make a bird feeder.

  • 1 signature souvenir Hogle Zoo cup
  • 1 pie tin
  • 1 bolt about 4 inches in length
  • 2 nuts that fit the bolt
  • Flexible wire
  • Bird seed
  • Razor blade
  • Electric drill or screw driver

Step One: Using the razor blade, carefully cut three to four holes along the bottom side edge of the cup.


Step Two: Using the drill, cut a drill a hole in the bottom center of the cup and in the center of the pie tin.


Step Three: Thread the bolt through the hole in the bottom of the cup and secure it with one of the nuts. Then thread the bolt through the pie tin and fasten it using the second nut. The pie tin should hang three to four inches below the cup.


Step Four: To hang your feeder, string the wire through the drinking holes in the lid. Fill the cup with birdseed and place the lid on the cup. If you are not using a heavy pie tin, you may need to stabilize the pie tin with extra wire (see photo).

Step Five: Hang your new bird feeder outside and enjoy watching the birds that visit.