Green Ideas

Here a few GREEN ideas to get involved in the conservation cause and make a difference for wildlife and wild lands.

  1. Educate yourself: Read books, watch videos and credible animal shows. Research your favorite animals and learn as much as you possibly can. Visit zoos and aquarium often, they are a great resource.
  2. Educate others: Help others learn about animals, the environment and conservation. Show off your Zoo to friends and family.
  3. Be an eco-friendly consumer: Use a thermos for lunch instead of a juice box; use a mug or a cup instead of a paper cup.
  4. Create local habitat: Put out a birdfeeder, birdbath or plant a tree in your backyard.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Turn off water while brushing your teeth. Carpool or ride your bike to school or practice. Recycle everything you can. Water on even or odd days (as set by your city) and do laundry and run dishwashers in off-peak hours.
  6. Support conservation groups: Volunteer for local habitat clean-ups. Become a Zoo volunteer.
  7. Preserve existing nature & habitat: Stay on trails when hiking and don’t destroy trees and bushes, animals may live there.
  8. Replenish the environment whenever possible: Plant native trees and plants to replenish habitat previously lost in urban/residential areas.
  9. Choose pets wisely: Adopt dogs and cats from your local shelter. Research all potential pets to make sure you understand their needs. Leave wild animals in the wild. Don’t take wild babies home, their mother is the best one to care for them.
  10. Be a responsible pet owner: Spay and neuter pets. Make sure they have food, water and a safe place to live. Don’t allow them to kill wildlife or destroy habitat. Protect your cats and other wildlife by keeping them inside.