• Are reservations required before we arrive at Utah’s Hogle Zoo?
    Yes, reservations are required at least 7 days prior to your visit. Reserving well in advance is recommended. Your confirmation paperwork will be attached to the confirmation email, please open and print the attachment before your check-in date & time. If you choose to visit the Zoo without a reservation, you’ll be charged the regular admission price for every member of your group.
  • Can school groups come to the Zoo on WILD Wednesdays?
    WILD Wednesdays are a blackout day for school groups. School groups will not be scheduled on WILD Wednesdays.
  • What is the cost?
    With a reservation, all Utah accredited, title one, private/charter, in-state students, K – 12, are free. You get one (1) free adult chaperone for every five (5) students. All extra adult chaperones are regular admission price. We do not accommodate home school groups, preschools, daycares, after-school groups, or schools outside the state of Utah.
  • What about out-of-state school groups?
    We’re sorry but we are unable to offer free admission to out-of-state schools. However, with a reservation of at least 20 individuals, out-of-state schools can receive $2.00 off each child and $3.00 off each adult, payable in one lump sum. We accept cash and all major credit cards. If you choose to be billed, please bring a purchase order that includes all necessary information, including an authorized signature. We’re unable to bill your school without a purchase order.
  • How many chaperones are required?
    We require 1 adult chaperone per 5 students. Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age. Schools that receive free admission are required to meet the 1:5 ratio and will be given free admission for their chaperones also. Failure to provide chaperones at the 1:5 ratio will result in a forfeit of your group’s free admission status.
  • Do the chaperones need to stay with the students throughout the zoo?
    Yes, students must remain with their chaperones at all times, regardless of age. Unchaperoned students will be escorted out of the Zoo and must remain on their bus for the remainder of the visit.
  • Are identification tags required?
    Yes, you’re required to provide an identification tag for each member of your group, regardless of age. We require identification tags for security purposes if there is a lost student, a problem student, injury, etc… The student’s name is not necessary, but the school’s name, teacher’s name should be visible, and the student should have a phone number to contact their group leader. The identification tags must be at least 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and should be worn on the chest of each child and chaperone. Lanyard name tags are prohibited. We require either Sticker name tags, pin, or clip-on name tags.
  • Where should our school buses park?
    The correct parking lot will be clearly marked on your confirmation form. Please advise your parents and bus drivers of the lot location. Unloading and loading of students must be done in the lot indicated to receive free admission for your school group. If you choose to park in a different parking lot, please be prepared to pay the regular admission price for every member of your group.
  • What happens to students who don’t follow zoo rules?
    We reserve the right to expel students who are misbehaving, causing disruptions, or breaking Zoo rules. The student or students in violation will be asked to leave the Zoo and wait on the school bus for the remainder of their visit. The students’ chaperone is responsible for the actions of the student(s) while in the zoo and on the bus. Also, we reserve the right to exclude any school with a history of misbehaving students from participating in the free admission program for students.
  • Are there outdoor eating facilities?
    Seating is made available in front of the Edzoocation Station or the Peacock Pavilion near the Rhinos. Seating in front of the Beastro, along with any other eating area, is reserved for paying guests only. We cannot guarantee Pavilion seating will be available on the day of your field trip.
  • How much is the train ride?
    The train is $2.50 per person. It is in operation on all sunny days from Spring to Fall. Unfortunately, we are unable to run the train if it is raining or snowing.
    The Conservation Carousel cost is $2.50 per person, adults that stand (not riding an animal) do not have to pay to accompany their kid(s).
  • What if it rains or snows?
    The Zoo is open every day, regardless of the weather. With this in mind, we don’t offer rain checks or refunds due to weather.
  • What about first-aid?
    Please contact any Zoo employee for first-aid assistance or call Guest Services at 801-584-1700.
  • Where is the lost and found?
    All lost and found items are taken to our Member and Guest Services office, located at the Zoo’s main entrance. If they do not have your item, please leave contact info, but you will need to come pick up the item(s) as we do not ship out items that don’t fit in a letter-sized envelope.
  • Can preschools or daycares participate in the FREE admission program at Hogle Zoo?
    We regret that we cannot offer free admission to preschools. High schools with preschoolers will be charged as follows – High school students are FREE, Preschoolers 3 & older will pay the regular admission price – 2 & younger are FREE.
  • What happens if we need to change the amount of students after the reservation has been made?
    You do not need to notify the zoo if your student number changes unless it will increase more than 10 students. If it does, call the Admissions Supervisor to have that number changed. Regardless of whether or not your student number will increase or decrease, schools are expected to adjust their chaperone number to match before they check-in for their field trip. Extra chaperones cannot receive free admission and will need to purchase tickets.
  • When is the busiest time to visit for field trips?
    September, October, March, April, and May are the busiest months of the year. If you know you will be planning a field trip during this time, make your reservations as soon as possible. For the safety of students, we cannot exceed our maximum limit of students per day once a day has filled up.
  • What do I do if one of my students has a service animal or needs wheelchair access?
    Please state this information in your roster information so we know which gate to send you to. All service animals must check-in through our Guest Services office before being admitted on zoo grounds. There are also places in the zoo where service animals are not allowed. Your student may choose to leave the dog with our office staff while on their field trip or someone in their party can wait outside the specific area with the dog. Schools with students in wheelchairs will enter through the main gate.
  • How many chaperones can I have with special needs students?
    Schools with special needs students may have up to a 1:1 ratio with their chaperones depending on the individual child’s needs. If you have some special needs students with other students, you can only increase your chaperone level to accommodate the special needs students. Not the entire group. For schools that have their own chaperone requirement that is more than our 1:5 ratio (i.e. 1:4 or 1:3), you will need to pay for the extra chaperones over the 1:5 ratio.
  • What if we drive cars and do not need a bus?
    Some schools will come in their own personal vehicles, in this case any school that doesn’t have a bus can park in the main lot or north lot. However, they must all enter the zoo at the same time. Any latecomers will have to purchase admission, no exceptions.